Street Markets of Mong Kok - Ladies Market, Sneaker Street, and Goldfish Market

Sunday, July 10, 2016

There is more to Hong Kong than Disneyland. I mean, a tourist on a short vacation in Hong Kong barely gets a glimpse of what all this wonderful city has to offer. Many of the most interesting places to see in Hong Kong are meant for the local residents rather than for the tourists, but a tourist who dares venture out to explore these treasures is no doubt richly rewarded. The street markets of Jordan and Mong Kok figure in most of the tourist literature about Hong Kong but unfortunately all the emphasis is laid on souvenir shopping in some over crowded street shops. If one can get past the Ladies Market and is willing to walk and explore a little, the Goldfish Market offers a close look into the local life. I know tourists do not come to Hong Kong to buy live goldfish, but this street - Tung Choi Street - has a lot of dogs and cats too in addition to the fish. Keep reading...

Ladies Market Mong Kok Hong Kong

Goldfish And A Lot More

Goldfish Shop in Tung Choi Street Hong Kong

Aquarium Plant For Sale at Hong Kong Goldfish Market in Mong Kok

There are several pet shops here selling little puppies, dogs, cats, and of course pet fish of all varieties and tons of aquarium supplies like real plants, decorations, etc. Goldfish shops are big and full of customers.

Kitten Shop on Tung Choi Street Mong Kok Hong Kong

The shops that sell kittens have somehow learnt the art of how it should be done. Several happy little kittens, inside clean glass cabins are seen playing among themselves with all sorts of equipment that is designed exclusively for them. The only sad cat that I saw in those glass cabins was the one that was alone. The ones that had company were all having a great time. The dog shops were a little difficult to enter and window-shop so I avoided them. There are other types of shops on Tung Choi Street too, but the stretch closer to Mong Kok station has more pet shops. It is good because after a while the crowd and the heavy traffic on the road makes one start walking back towards the station.

Getting To Tung Choi Street Mong Kok

I walked this area and found this route that is a bit different from what is given in the tourist guides.

- Mong Kok Exit B2

- Walk Straight

- Cross Light Signal

- Walk

- Turn Left

- Come to Mong Kok Road

- Turn Right

- Turn Left to Goldfish Market

Along the way if it is not possible to cross a road, then look for a foot-over bridge to get to the other side. Its easy, just calls for a little determination. I say this that the area is so crowded at all hours of the day that a less interested tourist may decide to turn back towards the souvenir shops rather than taking the trouble of finding the Goldfish Market.

Ladies Market

Ladies Market in Mong Kok Hong Kong

Ladies Market is a street market selling everything that a street shop can put up for display. It is left to the imagination of the vendors and that is why people keep flocking to these markets, for the lure of being able to find something stunningly new or something ridiculously cheap.

Getting to Ladies Market Mong Kok

- Mong Kok MTR Exit D3

- Walk Straight

- Take First Left

- Ladies Market

Sneaker Streeet

Sneaker Street Mong Kok Hong Kong

After reading about the sneaker market in my Hong Kong mobile phone app, I just wanted to see what is was. There were several shoe stores and a lot of other shops too. Well, here's how to find it:

Getting To Sneaker Street Mong Kok

See the Ladies Market directions above, well if you do not turn into the Ladies Market and instead walk straight a little, a right turn at the road crossing will bring you to the Sneaker Street.

A bit of advice, you are in Hong Kong and almost nothing is cheap here. If you are thinking of buying shoes, look for brand shops and make sure that you are buying originals. I was more Chinese copies here than originals.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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