Travel Club Priority Pass Lounge Mumbai Domestic Airport Terminal 2

Monday, September 19, 2016

Some time back I wrote an article about the worst Priority Pass lounge in India which happens to be at the Dabolim Airport in Goa. Not much has changed there since I wrote that article, not that I expected an article in a blog to mean anything to the vast empire that Priority Pass is. But even my direct complaint to Priority Pass people had failed to move them. They merely pointed me to the bank that had issued me my Priority Pass card. I still have the card and it is paid for as part of the annual fee that I pay on my credit card. I keep using Priority Pass and sometimes do feel very good whenever I come across a well managed lounge. I have been to Priority Pass lounges in several airports in the major cities in India and have seen both bad and good lounges. Dabolim Airport's Priority Pass Lounge is no doubt the worst that I have seen but till recently I never thought of declaring one that is the best at least in my experience. Now after having been to the Travel Club Priority Pass Lounge at the Mumbai Domestic Airport Terminal 2, I am ready to make that commitment. Keep reading...

Travel Club Priority Pass Lounge Mumbai Domestic Terminal 2

The 'Travel Club Lounge' which is also the Priority Pass lounge in the Mumbai International Airport's Domestic Terminal 2 is the best Priority Pass lounge that I have seen in India so far. I am even comparing the Priority Pass lounges in India's international terminals in Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru and Travel Club wins hands down.

Travel Club Priority Pass Lounge Essential Information

Travel Club Priority Pass Lounge Mumbai Domestic Terminal 2 Bar & Seating

The lounge is located on Level 3 opposite Gate 44 of Mumbai Terminal 2 Departure/Transit area. It is open 24 hours, which is a big plus. Other facilities here include alcohol (on payment basis), WiFi and PC internet, fax, TV, newspapers & magazines, and disabled access. And yes, lots of fantastic food.

The Food

Breads and Condiments at Travel Club Priority Pass Lounge Mumbai Domestic Terminal 2

I don't care much about the booze being on payment basis because that is the norm in all domestic airport lounges in India. But the food in this lounge is just superb. The range of the food, the preparation, the presentation, and the information given at the food counters are all wonderful. I do not often see allergens in the food being mentioned alongside the food on buffet counters in India but in Travel Club they display which food preparations contain wheat, gluten, soy, peanuts, & dairy, etc. This is very helpful information for those who need to know these things. I just wish Priority Pass make it mandatory at all their lounges.

Desserts at Travel Club Priority Pass Lounge Mumbai Domestic Terminal 2

Once past the allergens, one can get down to enjoy the food. The menu of course has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices. There are traditional Indian snacks from different regions of India apart from Indian curries and some western food. There are separate salad / sandwich and condiment counters. Some interesting choices that I found there included Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Tabouleh, Cashew-Dates-Tamarid Chutney, Mixed Berry Sauce, White Chocolate Sauce, Orange Glaze, and Toffee Sauce. Let us think and try to remember which other domestic airport lounge in India offers all this? There's more. they also have assorted pickles, bread rolls, salads, cut and whole fruits, and flavoured yogurt. Desserts are nice too with choices such as cheesecakes, Cranberry Panna Cotta, and chocolate mouse, etc. Vegetarian (green dot) and non-vegetarian (brown dot) indicators are printed along with the food labels.


Travel Club Priority Pass Lounge Mumbai Domestic Terminal 2 Drinks

There is a separate bar counter where apart from alcoholic drinks, they serve tea/coffee in several variants. There is a cooler in the dining area where soft drinks and water bottles are kept along with yogurt cups.

Seating Area

There are separate seating and dining areas both of which do not appear too crowded. The overall atmosphere is elegant and relaxed and surely makes the wait easier. It is a silent lounge and guests are supposed to keep track of their own flight times.

And Not Enough Time To Enjoy Everything

The lounge allows a stay of a maximum three hours for Priority Pass members. Kids under 4 years are allowed free of charge.

What Could Be Improved

During my two visits to the lounge, I found the WiFi speed good at times but a bit slow at others. This can be improved. The other thing I would want is a plain sugar-free yogurt that was missing during one of my visits. Must have been out of stock. I just wish they keep some sugar-free desserts too. Actually there is not much to complain about. I just hope the good things continue.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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