Red Planet Hotel Pattaya Review

Monday, October 3, 2016

Several times in the past I came across Red Planet Hotels (previously Tune Hotels) in my hotel meta search engine while searching for a hotel in Thailand, but I never booked one of them. Tune hotels just had too many bad reviews about them. There were complaints, or maybe just rumours, of limited hours during which A.C. can be used in the room, no towels provided for guests, no free water, no free Wi-Fi, tiny rooms, and rude staff, etc. Why get into such a mess? So, I avoided Red Planet hotels completely. Then, in March 2016 I got into a much bigger mess when I accidentally booked a "Tailor Master" hotel in Bangkok. Let me first explain what a "Tailor Master" hotel in Thailand is. Till a few years ago, bespoke tailoring was huge business in Thailand. Western tourists used to consider buying a tailored suit an essential part of their Thai holiday. Tailors in Thailand, mostly immigrants, fully exploited the trend and became very rich. An erstwhile tailor in Bangkok told me that sometimes they used to sell a suit for 10-15,000 THB that was made using a fabric that cost them just 150 THB per metre. Such was the extent of the profitability and a lot of that money got invested into real estate. Then competition came from tailors from some other nationalities, and at the same time the Western customers became smarter. Buying 'ready made' was the new trend which resulted in a general decline of the tailoring business in Thailand. However, the money previously made was still with the tailors along with the real estate that they had invested in. Looking for new avenues to make money, tailors started opening hotels. I stayed in one such hotel in Bangkok - Smart Suites on Soi 11. It was a horrifying experience. I had been taken in by fraudulent Tripadvisor reviews and so I decided never to stay in a "Tailor Master" hotel again. Now the problem is, how do I know the hotel that I am looking at is a "Tailor Master" hotel or not? Red Planet is my quick solution to the problem because there are Red Planet hotels in both Bangkok and Pattaya and I know for sure that these are not owned by any tailor masters. Keep reading...

Red Planet Hotel Pattaya

Red Planet Hotel Pattaya

Red Planet Pattaya is located almost opposite Alcazar Show on the Second Road. It is quite a distance from Central festival Mall and is even farther from Walking Street. In one way, it can be said to be not a good location. But there are plenty of nightlife options in this area apart from a Big C. On top of that, a 10 THB ride on a Baht bus is all that it takes to travel from this hotel to Walking Street and back. Baht buses are available from early in the morning to late at night and one never has to wait more than a couple of minutes to catch one. To travel towards Walking Street, one can cross any nearby Soi to the Beach Road and board a Baht bus from there. To come back, any Baht bus on the Second Road can be taken because they all come towards Dolphin Circle. Alcazar Show is one the way to Dolphin.  

My Red Planet Experience

I stayed in the hotel in the first week of September 2016 and it was lean season for Pattaya tourism. I am not 100% sure if the facilities I got in the hotel were because of that and if something changes during busy tourist season. My questions to the front office staff about the hours for which the A.C. in the room can be used during a day ended up confusing them. They were not aware of anything like that. But I have personally seen on a booking site that A.C. in a Red Planet hotel in Thailand can be used for 12 hours in a day max. That must be wrong information. About the towels too, I found two fresh towels in the room everyday like it happens in all normal hotels. Some online reviews say that guests need to borrow towels from the front desk by making a payment. The Standard Room I got was small but not tiny. It was bigger than a Fragrance Hotel room in Singapore. The money I paid to Agoda for two nights in Red Planet Pattaya, about 20 USD per night for double occupancy, turned out to be a great deal. I even got free Wi-Fi in the room. If you need to know, Red Planet hotels do not charge any joiner fee.

Standard Double Room

Standard Room in Red Planet Hotel Pattaya

Standard Room Red Planet Hotel Pattaya

My Standard double room had a large comfortable bed with a 32 inch LCD TV in the front. There were two side tables on either side of the bed. One side table had a digital locker under it. There was no cabinet but a cloth hanger stand in one corner which was ok. A window A.C. that cooled very well, and an actual window that opened towards the road completed the room. Another fixture on one side of the bed was a folding table that could carry a weight up to 1.5 kg. I kept my laptop on it and nothing bad happened. A hair dryer was attached to the wall next to the TV. There were two or three international power sockets in the room which was very good because many hotels in Thailand just provide local sockets that are no good for using even mobile chargers. The area was very quite at night and I could sleep very well for both the nights. There was no free water but a Family Mart was located just across the road from where I could buy two 1.5 litre water bottles for just 20 THB. Free and unlimited Wi-Fi worked well in the room.

The Bathroom

Guest Bathroom in Standard Room in Red Planet Hotel Pattaya

The bathroom was small but adequate. There was a shower cabin without a door. The overhead shower was in good condition, hot & cold water was always available at a good pressure, and there was a 3-in-1 liquid soap/shampoo/conditioner dispenser in the shower cabin. Everything in the bathroom was super clean. Two fresh towels were provided daily.

What Could Be Improved

The A.C. control switch was next to the bathroom door. If I wanted to adjust or switch off the A.C., I had to get out of bed. Wish they could move the A.C. control to the side of the bed.


The staff at the front desk was always cheerful and willing to help. The lobby was big and well decorated. Two elevators were operational for taking guests to their rooms. At night after 11.00pm, for security purpose, they locked the front door of the hotel that could be opened only with the guest key card. The elevator also required key card to operate. With these measures, security aspect was also taken care of. Check-out time was 12.00pm and check-in 2.00pm.

I have already booked the 'Red Planet Asoke' in Bangkok for my next trip and I hope I will be writing a positive review about that too.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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