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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

With effect from December 1, 2016 and up to August 31, 2017, Thailand has waived visa fee of 1000 THB for those tourists who apply for visa at Thai embassies or consular offices or through authorised agents like vfs-global. The agents will continue to charge their service fees and courier costs as hitherto. Similarly, the visa on arrival fee between these dates has been halved to 1000 THB from the earlier 2000 THB. It looks like the dates mentioned above are the dates of travel rather than the dates of submitting visa applications. These changes will affect the tourists from 19 countries who are required to take visa before travel to Thailand or have to take visa on arrival. Visa on arrival to visit Thailand is available at 42 designated checkpoints. With this latest reduction in the visa fee that follows doubling of visa on arrival fee in September 2016, Thailand expects to receive more tourists from the 19 countries (or 21 countries??? Please see more in the list of countries below) during the upcoming busy tourist season. However, it is anybody's guess as to what extent a 1000 THB per person reduction in the cost of travel encourages more people to travel to Thailand. Read below for the list of the affected countries...

Thailand Visa on Arrival counters Bangkok

List of countries whose citizens will get free tourist visa or a 50% reduction in visa on arrival fee

1. Andora

2. Bulgaria

3. Bhutan

4. China

5. Cyprus

6. Ethiopia

7. India

8. Kazakhstan

9. Latvia

10. Lithuania

11. Maldives

12. Malta

13. Mauritius

14. Romania

15. San Mario

16. Saudi Arabia

17. Taiwan

18. Ukraine

19. Uzbekistan

Unconfirmed addition of two countries to the list

20. Fiji

21. Papua New Guinea
(These two countries have been stated to be eligible for visa on arrival in some recent reports attributed to the Thai government. I am still trying to confirm this.)

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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