Hotel Red Planet Asoke Bangkok Review

Thursday, January 19, 2017

I had booked this hotel with a lot of hope and with a good reason too. I had stayed at Red Planet Pattaya twice and both my stays there had been perfect. Absolutely no complaints. But this one - Red Planet Asoke in Bangkok ended my lucky streak. Its a problem hotel. The shadow of the old 'Tune Hotel' culture appeared to be everywhere in the property. The unconcerned staff, and the forced limited hour use of air-conditioning just reminded me of the guest reviews of Tune Hotels that I used to read on Tripadvisor. Read on to know why this Red Planet is undoing whatever good name the Red Planet in Pattaya is earning...

Red Planet Asoke Bangkok

The Staff

The staff at Red Planet Pattaya always appear to be in a happy mood. It feels like they are also enjoying their holiday in Pattaya. On the contrary, the staff at Red Planet Asoke appeared to be working in an office where they had a bad boss and were not being paid well. Of course the office like basic courtesies were there but no real attempt to ensure guests' comfort. I complained about poor air-conditioning in the room and the guy at the front office looked at his computer and said that the A.C. temperature in my room was 24 degrees and that was ok. I wanted to tell him that at night while sleeping under that heavy comforter I would need a temperature lower than 24 degrees. But then, he had his computer. Later they moved me to a different room where I discovered the real problem. After a few hours of operation, the A.C. automatically started to cut-off every couple of minutes and the room became hot. I told this to the staff the next day and they denied it. They said this was the policy when it was a "Tune" property. They still did not tell me why a computer at the front desk was controlling the A.C. setting in the guest rooms.

The Room

Guest Room at Red Planet Pattaya

The rooms at Red Planet Asoke were almost exact replicas of the rooms I had seen in Red Planet Pattaya. A double bed, two small side tables, a folding table on a side, a real window, a flat screen TV, no telephone, international power sockets, free & fast Wi-Fi, a locker, a hanger fixture on a wall instead of a cabinet, and a clean bathroom with soap and shampoo dispensers. But there was a significant difference. Red Planet Pattaya had window-type air-conditioners that worked while Red Planet Asoke had split-type A.C.s that did not work. And it was early December. I wondered what would be the situation during summer. (The room picture above was taken by me at Red Planet Pattaya but this is exactly how the rooms at Red Planet Asoke look like except for the difference of the A.C.)

The Lobby

Hotel Red Planet Asoke Bangkok Lobby

The lobby had a few seats for guests waiting for their rooms to be ready. There were two PCs with free internet in one corner but the mouse buttons of those PCs took some time and effort before I could use them. There was a weighing scale too, to help you know the weight of your bags in case you were flying an airline like Air Asia. The front desk also served as a vending setup where they sold a few drinks, tea-coffee, and cold sandwiches on payment basis. There was no free drinking water anywhere in the hotel.

I was able to buy water bottles etc. from a nearby 7-Eleven on Sukhumvit Road. A little tip here: Both 7-Eleven and Family Mart run discount schemes on water bottles. The brand changes but the offer usually remains the same - Two 1.5 litre bottles for 20 THB only instead of the marked price of 14 THB for one bottle. Sometimes only Family Mart will have this offer, one just needs to check.  

Price vs. Location

At approximately 1250 THB a day and judging by the location that is right next to the Asoke BTS station, Red Planet Asoke could have been a perfect no-nonsense hotel. Instead it is an avoidable scam. This is bad news for me. I still do not know about a good hotel in the Nana / Asoke area that costs around 1000 THB a day and does not trap guests with the help of fake reviews on Tripadvisor.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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