Cheapest Indian Food in Pattaya

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Where to find the cheapest Indian food in Pattaya? Its a fair question because the prices of Indian food anywhere in Thailand seem to be unreasonably high. I get surprised when I find some of the Indian restaurants in Thailand charging prices similar to those that are charged by their counterparts in Hong Kong which is a much more expensive place as compared to any city in Thailand. I have been to an Indian restaurant in Bangkok that charged 70 THB for a 500ml bottle of water that was sold in 7-Eleven for just 7 THB. This restaurant then added a 10% service charge on top of the bill. On the other hand, there are restaurants in Pattaya that serve a western breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausages, toast, and coffee, all for just 70 THB. What is going on there. In Pattaya, Indian restaurants are springing up everywhere. So is a profitable business or what? Keep reading...

181 THB for Chhole Bhature in Chotivala Pattaya

Let us hazard some analysis here. I see two probabilities.

One - Running an Indian restaurant in Thailand is a very profitable business and therefore, everyone wants to get into it. Indian restaurant owners can charge whatever prices they want because the tourists will just pay the check including a 10% service charge.

Two - Running an Indian restaurant in Thailand is not a very profitable business and the restaurant owners need to keep the prices high in order to make the business viable. It may be somewhat like the auto rickshaw business in Mumbai where the RTO keeps issuing new auto rickshaw permits whereas the existing auto rickshaw drivers complain of low business volume and a lowly income. The politicians in Mumbai have a solution to the problem that is created by their own government. They keep increasing auto rickshaw fares so that even with the low business volume, the auto rickshaw drivers can make both ends meet. Who ultimately pays for the mess - the common folk in Mumbai. In Thailand, its the common tourists like you and I who need to pay ridiculously high prices for Indian food regardless of the actual reason. Its not an acceptable situation and we need to try and remedy it.

Cheapest Indian Food In Pattaya

I know the restaurant in Pattaya that serves the cheapest Indian food. Its good food too because otherwise I would not mention their name in my blog. I have even written an article on this restaurant and will give the link to that article a little later. First, I want to share a part of their menu here so that you will get an idea of the prices. Oh, one small thing - this restaurant is 100% vegetarian. So if you are looking for cheap non-vegetarian Indian food in Pattaya, you are just looking for it in the wrong country.

Indian Vegetarian Food Menu of Vegetarian Paradise (VT-Six) Pattaya

All soups - 70 THB (compared to 139 THB charged by Chotivala)


Onion / Veg Bhajji - 80 / 100 THB
Paneer Tikka - 150 THB
Chilli Paneer - 150 THB
Chhole Bhature - 150 THB


Daal Fry / Tadka - 90 / 100 THB
Chana Masala - 150 THB
Mutter Paneer / Palak Paneer - 175 THB
Aloo Gobi - 140 THB


Tandoori Roti / Chapati - 25 THB
Butter Naan - 50 THB
Aloo Paratha - 70 THB


Steamed Rice - 70 THB
Mushroom Fried Rice - 130 THB


Beer - 60 THB

Like the prices? You may read more about Vegetarian Paradise (VT-Six) Pattaya here. I like eating in this restaurant because their food is good and their prices do not eat too much into my pocket.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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