How To Get A Refund From Air Asia

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Usually, and in most cases, when you pay something to Air Asia, you can never get it back. Its like offering money in a temple. You give something in the God's name, and your donation is final and non-refundable. Air Asia works pretty much on the same principle. But Air Asia is not God, thankfully. And that means there are still some ways and some circumstances in which money paid to Air Asia can be taken back. In this page, I will share the easiest way to get a refund from Air Asia, if it is permitted under their rules. I will not go into the fine print here because that may be too much to write in one article. Air Asia's local website in your country may contain that information if you are interested. For an individual traveller who seeks a refund from Air Asia for whatever reason, or wishes to communicate with Air Asia without going through their call centre, there is an easy online solution. Its called "Air Asia e-Form" and it can be accessed at from any country. Keep reading...

A screenshot of Air Asia e-Form

Air Asia e-Form

Air Asia e-Form is the single online point of contact with Air Asia for a variety of purposes like complement, complaint, customer request, enquiry, or refund. All these options are further linked to specific subject matters as under:

1. Complement - about Air Asia or their staff

2. Enquiry - about Air Asia, BIG loyalty program, baggage, duty-free, payment, product & services, sales, and travellers' guide

3. Customer Request - about Air Asia Insure, document request, member email change, modify booking, new booking, and preflight

4. Complaint - about anything (but a list of subject matters is there to select from)

5. Refund - and finally there is the option of seeking a refund in this form. Refund claims are possible in the following situations:

(a) Airport Tax Refund - when the booked flight is missed by the customer

(b) Double Payment Refund - when you pay for a booking or service twice

(c) Duplicate Booking - when a duplicate booking is made for the same flight and date

(d) Duty Free Shopping - refund relating to any pre-booked duty free shopping

(e) Cancelled or Rescheduled Flights - if Air Asia cancel or reschedule a flight, they offer refunds subject to terms and conditions

After filling in the required details in the online form, one needs to click the submit button. An acknowledgement of the message is flashed on the screen that says that Air Asia has received the message. There is no immediate email acknowledgement of the same. At some later date, and in some cases, Air Asia sends emails communicating their decision or information on the request. I have lodged Airport Tax refund claims on a few occasions. There was no email acknowledgement of the claims but in all the cases I got Airport Tax refund after a couple of months. The refund is made via the same mode that was used for making the initial payment. I got my refund in the same credit card that I had used to book the ticket.

Airport Tax Refund

All air ticket bookings on Air Asia are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled. However, when you book a ticket on Air Asia but do not travel on that ticket, it becomes an unused ticket. In such a case, Air Asia entertains "Airport Tax Refund" claims after the date of the flight that was booked. If you booked a ticket for travel on March 31, 2017 and did not travel using that ticket, you can claim airport tax refund on that booking after March 31, 2017. Air Asia refunds the Airport Tax after deducting their service charges. These service charges are also waived in some cases and the full amount of airport tax is refunded.

Terms and Conditions of Airport Tax Refund

These are the terms and conditions of airport tax refund specified by Air Asia:

"All refund requests must meet the following criteria:

- Must be submitted within six (6) months after your flight(s) have departed.

- One (1) or more guests did not board the flight(s).

- Refund requests back to original payment mode are subject to refund fee (per guest per sector) where applicable.

- Refund fee will be exempted for:
All AirAsia Thailand (FD), AirAsia X Thailand (XJ) & AirAsia India (I5) flights.
All flights departing from Thailand.
All flights departing from Hong Kong.

- Guests who did not board their flight departing from Manila Philippines can request for International Passenger Service Charge refund, within one (1) year from the booking date. Refund fee will be exempted."

Why e-Form is Better Than Call Centre

Air Asia's call centres are a pain. There are long queues and if you are calling from an international phone, you may spend more than the price of the ticket while waiting for an Air Asia executive to come on the line. In my experience, while I was trying to change a booking after they cancelled a Bengaluru-Goa flight, the call centre staff did not help me at all. But when I sent a request via the e-Form, I got the solution within a day. Refunds certainly take longer but they do come. I just wish Air Asia start sending emails acknowledging receipt of claims.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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