Royal Ivory Nana Bangkok Hotel Review

Friday, April 14, 2017

I have stayed at this hotel twice now. First a few years ago when I was not writing this blog. That first stay was not such a good experience. The hotel looked deserted and in desperate need for a restoration. I had to change the room because of a clogged bathroom sink and a non-working A.C. The hotel's staff had shown all kinds of attitude before changing the room but the second room was ok and I could complete my stay. My second stay at Hotel Royal Ivory Nana was in March/April 2017. Interestingly both the times I had landed in this hotel because a fellow traveller from India recommended the hotel. Well, the hotel is located on Soi 4 Nana which is home to 'Nana Entertainment Plaza' which is one of the two most prominent nightlife venues in Bangkok, the other one being Soi Cowboy. As such Soi 4 has several solo guest friendly hotels which in other words are called "guest friendly hotels". Royal Ivory is a guest friendly hotel too which means that solo guests do not need to pay a joiner fee if they are staying solo in a double room and wish to bring a temporary guest to their room. Keep reading...

Hotel Royal Ivory Soi 4 Nana

Royal Ivory Hotel Nana Bangkok

Its "guest friendly" status actually does not make Royal Ivory a unique hotel. My guess is that more than half of all the hotels in Thailand are guest friendly in that regard. My main reason for staying at this hotel in 2017 was that I still do not have a favourite hotel in Nana / Asoke area of Bangkok, so I keep trying a new hotel every time I go to Bangkok. I learnt online that Royal Ivory is a part of the 'Compass Hospitality' chain of hotels. I did not know of this at the time of my first stay at Royal Ivory. I was kind of hoping that perhaps its a recent acquisition by 'Compass' and they would have done some renovation. To be on an even safer side, I booked a Deluxe room this time. Price-wise, it was very cheap because I got a big discount from MakeMyTrip. Comfort-wise, apart from the very hard mattress, it turned out to be ok.

Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room Bed Royal Ivory Hotel Nana Bangkok

Kithen in Deluxe Room Royal Ivory Hotel Nana Bangkok

Deluxe Room in Royal Ivory Hotel Nana Bangkok

The Deluxe Room was actually a large suite compete with a mini kitchen with an electric cooking hob (that I did not try), a working microwave oven, a sink with a tap that had running water, and a big refrigerator. There was mini dining table with two dining chairs too. An electric tea/coffee kettle was provided but that was not very clean so I relied on my own travel kettle. They supplied two 3-in-1 coffee sachets and two half litre water bottles every day. There was a large double bed, two wooden cabinets, an old CRT type TV, a locker, and a hair dryer in a separate dressing area outside the bathroom. The bathroom was almost clean apart from some mould on the shower walls. An instant water heater with a broken switch managed to supply hot water for showers. Some cheap shower gel & shampoo bottles, a shower cap, and two towels every day completed the bathroom amenities. The room was perfectly all right for the price if the bed had been comfortable. Let me tell you about the hard bed.

The mattress on the large bed was perhaps 15-inch thick and could have been soft if the hotel management wanted it to be. I was told by the front office staff that all the mattresses were "new" and all the rooms had the same type of mattress. So they refused to change my room or provide me a softer mattress after I complained. I guess a hard mattress lasts longer and thus us cost effective for the hotel. Guests who come to Royal Ivory for a couple of days may not feel much but from the third day your back will actually start to hurt. At that point, you may like to give the hotel's "In-room massage service" a try.

Massage in Hotel Room

The hotel's lobby has a few extras - there is a taxi counter, a gift shop, a tailoring shop, and a massage shop. The massage shop provides services in the rooms too for an extra service charge of 100 THB. The one hour rate for a Thai massage is 300 THB which becomes 400 THB if you have the massage in your room.

The Bar

Bar in the Lobby of Royal Ivory Hotel Nana Bangkok

There is a bar in the lobby where I could spot an occasional guest. The lobby is large but does not have the energy that should be there.

Hotel Lobby Royal Ivory Nana Bangkok

Overall Impression

House-keeping was ok. They cleaned the room daily but did not change the bed linen everyday. Fresh towels were provided daily. The air-conditioner worked alright even in that large-sized room. The standard room will be smaller and will not have the kitchenette. The hotel is far away from Nana Plaza, maybe 500 meter or so in the Soi so there was no noise of any kind. The hotel still looks old and in need of a make-over. The rather sad lobby tells the story. Even if they provided comfortable beds, the hotel would still be less than the sum of its parts because something always feels missing. So, Royal Ivory can be a good idea if you are going there for a couple of days max and get it at a bargain price.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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