How to Get a 20% Discount on Priority Pass First Year Membership Fee

Priority Pass Discount Offer
Priority Pass Discount Offer

Priority Pass is the world’s leading airport lounge access program giving its members access to 700 airport lounges across the world. The program has three levels of membership: Standard, Standard Plus, and Prestige with varying number of free lounge visits in a year. The Prestige level membership at an annual fee of 399 USD allows unlimited free lounge visits to the member while the Standard Plus membership caps the free lounge visits to 10 in a year but comes at a reduced annual fee of 249 USD. Standard membership does not entitle the member to any free visit but has a low annual fee of 99 USD. Paid visits and guest visits to Priority Pass lounges cost 27 USD per person per visit. Membership and visit charges vary according to the country of your residence, so please see the Priority Pass website for the exact charges applicable for you. Paid visits at 27 USD each appear to be expensive but are good value at some of the airport lounges where apart from free food and free drinks, shower facilities are also available. Moreover, priority Pass guarantees you access to airport lounges regardless of the airline or the class of travel. Well, if you already like Priority Pass, I am sure you would love to get a 20% discount on the first year membership fee. Some banks offer completely free or discounted Priority Pass membership in which case the discounts go up to 50% but additionally one may have to pay the annual credit card fee. I incidentally found a direct discount of 20% offered by Priority Pass. Keep reading…

20% Discount on Priority Pass First Year Membership Fee

I visited the Priority Pass website but there was no discount on offer. I did not join immediately and instead went on to surf some other websites. I was surprised to see some Google Ads on those websites that announced this 20% discount. I have given below the Priority Pass link that offers discounted membership but in case this link does not work please follow the same process that I did. Visit Priority Pass website, surf a few of their pages and just leave. Later while visiting some other website you are likely to see a Priority Pass advertisement about the 20% discount. That of course, if you have not disabled tracking by advertisers in your browser. Anyway, this is the link: (Tested on January 22, 2015)

Which Membership Level to Choose

I personally believe that the Standard membership of 99 USD is useless because even if you do not have a lounge program membership, an airport lounge may allow you entry at 27 USD. So why pay 99 USD per year to Priority Pass for nothing. Take either the Standard Plus or Prestige membership that come at a first year discounted charges of 199 USD and 319 USD respectively.

Find a Credit Card that Brings You Free Priority Pass

The Citibank Prestige Credit Card is a high value credit card requiring payment of an annual fee but offers Prestige level Priority Pass membership offering unlimited free lounge visits. Some Diners Club card variants also have the same feature. Check with your bank but it is better to avoid the credit cards that just give you the useless Standard Priority Pass membership.

How to Find an Airport Lounge

The easiest way is to download the Priority Pass App on your smartphone. This free App has a country-wise list of airport lounges and also gives details of the facilities at each of the lounges. No login is required to access the Priority Pass App.