Health Land Spa & Massage Asoke Bangkok Menu, Prices, and Review

Health Land Spa & Massage Asoke Bangkok
Health Land Spa & Massage Asoke Bangkok

A while back I wrote an article on how a cheap massage in Thailand can hurt someone. Of course, by “cheap” I meant a massage by a lovely lady at one of the omnipresent small massage shops in Thailand. Most of the times, a massage at those shops ends without incident and tourists go back home with happy memories. But sometimes, things don’t go as expected. At those few times, an unsuspecting tourist ends up with some damage to their health or becomes victim of an unfriendly behaviour by the masseuse who gets angry because the customer demanded something extra or refused the offer of something extra that the masseuse wanted to provide. These issues are real. My understanding of Thailand’s massage industry is that one can run into an untrained or unfriendly or an overly friendly massage therapist at any massage establishment, big or small. I have written many articles on massage establishments in Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Nepal, and India and my liking or dislike of those establishments was based on my personal massage experience there. Like a friend of mine in Cambodia once said, all massage establishments have some good therapists and some bad therapists. A customer who runs into a good therapist will say the massage establishment is good and a customer who runs into a bad therapist will say that the massage establishment is bad. For example, the subject matter of this article – Health Land Massage & Spa – Asoke, Bangkok – is not so good if I go by my first experience there. But the Thai massage I got at Health Land Pattaya was rather good. So, should I say Health Land Asoke is bad and Health Land Pattaya is good? If we do an online search, we can find both good and bad reviews of different branches of Health Land. But generally speaking, Health Land is good because of several reasons.

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Health Land Spa & Massage Asoke Bangkok
Health Land Spa & Massage Asoke Bangkok

Why Health Land Massage & Spa Is Good?

In other words, why a massage at Health Land is relatively safe? The first advantage is of hygiene. Many small shops do not even change the sheets on massage beds between customers but Health Land provides a clean and safe environment for massage. The second issue of “extra” services being offered and refused will likely not arise. But this matter of “extras” can happen anywhere and in any massage establishment, only it is less likely at Health Land. The other comfort is that the therapists at Health Land will be at least well-experienced if not well-trained. This is important particularly while taking a Thai massage because some of the stretching routines, etc. can be quite dangerous if administered by an untrained therapist. Still, my advice is to stop the therapist at any time when the massage gets uncomfortable. Good therapists keep asking if the pressure is right, but some don’t. All in all, if a tourist travelling with family is not comfortable entering a “lovely lady” shop, they can easily go to Health Land for a genuine massage. Oh, and I forgot to mention another important reason for choosing Heal Land. They are NOT expensive. I will cover their menu later in the page.

Health Land Spa & Massage at Asoke Bangkok
Health Land Spa & Massage at Asoke Bangkok

Health land Asoke Bangkok

Asoke branch of Health Land is located at a walking distance from Asoke BTS Station / Terminal 21 Shopping Mall. From Sukhumvit Road, one can go into Soi 21 and after a while turn left or go into Soi 19 and turn right after a few minutes walk. Its a large building with parking space in the front. Inside I found a hotel type lobby and a few formally dressed ladies shouting names of clients on a PA system, calling them to meet their therapists and proceed for the treatment. Its somewhat like seeing your doctor. Tell your name and the treatment (massage) you want to one of the ladies, sit there and wait. The wait times can be long, sometimes up to 15 minutes. My first time at Health Land was at Asoke and it was a foot massage. When they finally called my name, one of the formally dressed ladies pointed me towards a therapist standing in a corner. I located her and followed her to the basement where the foot massage area was located. It was a large open hall and was rather dark and gloomy. The therapist gave me loose fitting bottoms, that are standard for foot massage, and showed me the changing room. When the foot massage started, I started feeling uncomfortable because the place was hot due to poor air-conditioning. The therapist’s mind also seemed occupied somewhere else. She did not seem interested in what she was doing. Perhaps the poor performing therapists or the new ones at Health Land are banished to the foot massage area. The one hour somehow passed after and I was ready to leave Health Land totally disappointed. That day I really missed Bai Po, an excellent massage shop on Soi 11/1. They do great foot massage. But later my impression of Health Land changed after I got a good Thai massage in their Pattaya branch. Like I said, it all depends on the therapist. Also, I feel that one should not go to Health Land for a foot massage because even the lovely ladies at the small massage shops can do an almost good foot massage.

Address : 55/5 Sukhumvit Soi 21 (Nest to Terminal 21 Mall),
Asoke, Bangkok
Telephone : +66 (0) 2261 1110
Opening Hours : 9:00a.m. – Midnight Everyday

Way To Health Land Spa & Massage Asoke Bangkok
Way To Health Land Spa & Massage Asoke Bangkok

Health Land Massage Prices

Foot Reflexology: 400 THB / 1 Hour

Traditional Thai Massage: 600 THB / 2 Hours

Aroma Therapy Body Massage: 1000 THB / 90 Minutes

Thai Massage with Herbal Compress: 900 THB / 2 Hours

Body Polish: 900 THB / 1 Hour

Therapeutic Massage: 450 THB / 1 Hour

You can find more information on the Health Land website at

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