Bangkok To Pattaya Bus Route Map and Stops

Pattaya Bus From Ekamai Bus Station
Pattaya Bus From Ekamai Bus Station

Going on a bus from Bangkok city or Bangkok airport to Pattaya? You may have to make a decision on the way as to which bus stop to get down at? During my first such bus ride on a Roong Reuang Coach from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya, I had to face this situation. The bus stopped and the conductor announced “North Pattaya”. Some people got down there while most others like me just did not know where to get down. I thought it would be fine to wait for the bus to reach its final stop. Later the bus stopped twice more at “Central Pattaya” and “South Pattaya” stops before it finally reached the bus company’s office and main stop at Thapphraya. From that final stop I could take a Baht bus from across the road that was going towards Pattaya Second Road where my hotel was. But I knew it was a mistake not to get down at the correct stop because if I had not been able to get a Baht bus, a motor bike taxi ride would have cost me extra money. One can face also this situation while going on a mini van from Bangkok to Pattaya because sometimes the mini van drivers also offer the option of getting down on these “North” “Central” and “South” stops especially when the van driver is not planning to drop you at their usual Second Road station. Read on for the correct information…

Bangkok to Pattaya Bus Route Map
Bangkok to Pattaya Bus Route Map

The Roong Reuang Map

At Suvarnabhumi airport’s Pattaya bus counter I picked up this very helpful map of Pattaya’s bus stops. As you can see in the picture above, five bus stops are listed on the map out of which the first four stops are on Sukhumvit Road which kind of runs parallel to the beach and is connected to Pattaya city via three different roads which are called ‘North Pattaya Road’, ‘Central Pattaya Road’, and ‘South Pattaya Road’. The first three bus stops on this route drop passengers at the intersections of these three main roads leading to Pattaya city. Depending on the location of one’s hotel in Pattaya, one can get down at any of these three stops, cross the road and come on to the North, Central or South Pattaya Road and then take a Baht bus or a motor bike taxi depending on the availability. Read on for a few tips on which bus stop to choose…

North Pattaya Bus Stop

As you can see in the map above, the North Pattaya Road goes towards the beach and just near the beach a roundabout can be seen. That roundabout is the Dolphin Circle which the Baht bus drivers and motor bike taxi guys refer to as just “Dolphin”. The Dolphin circle connects Pattaya Second Road to the Beach Road on one side and the North Pattaya Road to the Naklua Road on the other side. If your hotel happens to be on North Pattaya Road, near the Dolphin Circle / Alcazar show or towards the northern end of Second Road or Beach Road, North Pattaya bus stop is where you should get down. Dolphin Circle is also your first stop if you have booked a hotel towards the Naklua side. A 10 THB ride on a Baht bus can bring you from the Sukhumvit Road/North Pattaya Road intersection to Dolphin Circle. Just remember to cross Sukhumvit Road and come to the North Pattaya Road. Stand about 30-50 meters inside the road and sooner than later a Baht bus will stop in front of you. Every Baht bus will come up to Dolphin Circle but from the circle, some will decide to turn right towards Naklua Road while others will turn left towards Beach Road. You may ask the driver as to which direction he will go from Dolphin if you are particular. If you plan to get down somewhere on the Beach Road or Naklua Road, the charge may be 20 THB per person.

Central Pattaya Bus Stop

From Central Pattaya Road you can get access to Soi Buakhao and the central parts of Second Road and Beach Road. Both baht buses and motor bike taxis run on this road as well.

South Pattaya Bus Stop

South Pattaya Bus stop is your stop if your hotel is on South Pattaya Road, close to the Pattaya Walking Street, Soi Buakhao, or anywhere towards the Southern end of Second Road or Beach Road. Soi Buakhao connects South Pattaya Road to Central Pattaya Road and hence if your hotel is anywhere on that Soi, both Central and South Pattaya stops are good for you. An alternative to getting down at South Pattaya Road is to wait for the bus to reach its final destination. This option is useful if one’s hotel on the Second Road close to the Walking Street. A Baht bus can be taken from the last bus stop by crossing over to the other side of the road. Baht buses from there come towards the Second Road and some of those go up to Dolphin Circle.

Bus Stop for Going to Jomtien Beach

Wait for the bus to reach its final stop. Stand on the road in front of the bus stop (do not cross to the other side), and take a Baht bus going to Jomtien Beach. Just confirm with the Baht bus driver that he is going to Jomtien before hopping on.

I have tried to cover some essential info in this article but feel free to write a comment below if you need additional info or a clarification.

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