Bus From Pattaya To Bangkok City And Suvarnabhumi Airport

Pattaya to Bangkok Bus
Pattaya to Bangkok Bus

Travelling from Pattaya to Bangkok City or its airports by taxi is very expensive, a minimum of 1200 THB. The bus services on the other hand are not only cheap but also convenient. Its only a matter of knowing where to go. Of course this cheaper mode of travel will not work at odd hours. There are two different types of bus services, both operated by ‘Roong Reuang Coach’. One service goes to Bangkok City – Ekamai Bus Station, Mochit (Northern Bus Terminal), and New Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai). Unless you have a reason to go to the Mochit or Sai Tai Terminals, I think going to the Ekamai Terminal is a better option because there is a BTS Skytrain Station almost attached to the Ekamai Bus Terminal. Most tourist areas of Bangkok become accessible from the Ekamai BTS Station. More details on this later. The other bus service goes directly to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport’s departure terminal Level 4.

(A) Bus Service From Pattaya To Bangkok City

This bus service operates from a bus terminal building called ‘Pattaya Bangkok Air-conditioned Bus Terminal’ or ‘Roong Reuang Transport Station’ located on North Pattaya Road. To go there, one can take a Baht Bus at 10 THB per person including luggage from any place on Pattaya Second Road. These Baht buses come up to the Dolphin Circle Roundabout where the Pattaya Second Road and Beach Road meet. If the Baht Bus is not going towards North Pattaya Road, then one needs to get down there, turn right towards North Pattaya Road and then board another Baht Bus (10 THB) and get down in front of the Bus Station. Once I boarded a Baht Bus from Second Road and after reaching Dolphin Circle, asked the driver if he could take me to the bus station. He agreed and charged a total of 60 THB. If I were to take a Baht Bus directly from Second Road to the bus terminal, I would be asked to pay 150 THB. If you have very light luggage, you may even take a motor bike taxi to the bus station.

Timings & Fares

Pattaya Bus Station Ticket Counter
Pattaya Bus Station Ticket Counter

Pattaya To Ekamai (Eastern Bus Terminal Bangkok)

The first and the last buses leave for Ekamai at 4.30am and 11.00pm respectively. It is better to get their one hour in advance because the tickets are sold on a first come first served basis. A bus leaves every 30 to 40 minutes. Fare per person including luggage is 115 THB. Last stop of the bus is Ekamai Bus Terminal but one the way the bus drops passengers at HomePro (Bang Plee), Pedestrian Flyover opposite Central Plaza Bangna, Udomsuk BTS, and On Nut BTS. There may be a problem though with getting down on the way. I tried getting down at On Nut BTS and the driver agreed to stop the bus but did not allow me to take my bag from the luggage hold. So I guess the drop on the way works if you travel only with a hand bag.

Pattaya To Mochit (Northern Bus Terminal Bangkok)

The first and the last buses leave for Mochit Northern Bus Terminal at 4.30am and 9.00pm at intervals of 30 to 40 minutes. The fares are 119 THB per person including luggage.

Pattaya To Sai Tai (New Southern Bus Terminal Bangkok)

There are eight departures each day to Sai Tai at 6.00am, 7.30am, 9.00am, 11.00am, 1.00pm, 3.00pm, 5.00pm, and 6.30pm. Fare for each person is 115 THB including luggage.

(B) Bus Service From Pattaya To Suvarnabhumi Airport

There are two options for this trip from Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok:

Option 1: Bell Travel Service

Bell Travel Buses go from Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi Airport and depart in Pattaya from the same terminal – ‘Pattaya Bangkok Air-conditioned Bus Terminal’ on North Pattaya Road. Once you enter the terminal, you will see Roong Reuang ticket counter on the left side. Go a little ahead and turn right. You will find the Bell Travel Office there but spot bookings are not accepted. Details of the service are as under:

There are seven services daily from 6.00am to 7.00pm (6.00am, 9.00am, 11.00am, 1.00pm, 3.00pm, 5.00pm, and 7.00pm). The fare per person is 240 THB right from your hotel in Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi airport. Pickup time usually is 30 minutes before the bus departure time. Walk-in customers are not entertained, instead one is supposed to make an online booking from Bell Travel website where one can select the hotel and the departure time. This is the link to the booking site: https://ticket.belltravelservice.com/customer/Webhome

Option 2: Roong Reuang Bus

This bus starts from the Roong Reuang office on Thappraya Road (North of Thepprasit Road), opposite Pan Pan Restaurant. One can board a Baht Bus going towards Jomtien from Pattaya Second Road (after the South Pattaya Road intersection towards Walking Street Side). The Baht Bus drivers most probably will know about the Bangkok Airport Bus Station or Pan Pan Restaurant and will drop you right in front of the station. The Bus Station is also called Roong Reuang 389 office.

Timings and Fares

Fare per person for this route is 122 THB and there are 15 departures each day, every hour from 7.00am to 9.00pm. The bus ride takes about 2 hours to reach the destination. Tickets can be bought on the spot but try to reach there an hour in advance of your desired departure time.

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Shared Mini Van From Pattaya To Bangkok City and Suvarnabhumi Airport

There is an express van service between Pattaya and Bangkok City / Suvarnabhumi Airport: Read about the mini van service here

Good Reasons Not To Take A Taxi From Pattaya To Bangkok

These bus services are great reasons to avoid taking a taxi from Pattaya to Bangkok. I guess the only valid reason left to take a taxi for this particular travel will be that you have take an early morning flight from Bangkok. Otherwise, I suggest that you just take the bus. These are very comfortable air-conditioned buses and the staff of the company is very professional most of the times. Now with the mini van service getting added to the available options, travelling from Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi Airport will only get easier.

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