Bus Service from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi To Pattaya Bus Counter
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi To Pattaya Bus Counter

Travelling from Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok to Pattaya is easy because of very fine bus services by Roong Reuang Coach Company Limited and Bell Travel Service Co. Ltd. The Bell Travel Service takes you directly from Suvarnabhumi Airport to your hotel in Pattaya. I will cover the details of this service later in this page. Let us see the service of Roong Reuang Coach first. This bus service operates from a ticket counter near Gate No. 8 on Level 1 of Suvarnabhumi Airport. The service hours are from 5.30am to 10.00pm during which buses leave every hour or sooner (like every 30 minutes during busy hours). One just needs to walk up to the counter and buy a ticket for the next available bus. The buses are very clean and air conditioned with very comfortable seats. The price is perfect too, just 120 THB per person including one 20kg check-in baggage. For additional bags, they charge extra and a maximum of three bags per person are allowed. In Pattaya, the bus stops at four places to drop passengers – North Pattaya Road, Central Pattaya Road, South Pattaya Road, and Jomtien near Pan Pan Restaurant). The first three stops are on Sukhumvit Road near the inter-sections of North Pattaya Road, Central Pattaya Road, and South Pattaya Road. Please read this article on the Bangkok-Pattaya bus route and stops.

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Bangkok Suvarnabhumi To Pattaya Bus
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi To Pattaya Bus

The journey from the Airport to Pattaya hotel takes about 2 hours. The bus staff make announcements when the bus stops at one of the stops but just know that sometimes the staff act funny by making the announcements in Thai language only. So, just ask them if you do not understand what they are saying.

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Bell Travel Service Direct To Your Pattaya Hotel

Bell Travel Bus from Suvarnabhumi Airport To Pattaya
Bell Travel Bus from Suvarnabhumi Airport To Pattaya

Earlier, the Roong Reuang Coach counter near Gate number 8 on level 1 used to sell tickets for the Bell Travel Service also but there has been a change. Bell Travel now operates purely on advance booking basis and bookings can be done on their website. Bell Travel operates six buses everyday from Suvarnabhumi Airport (08:00 / 10:00 / 12:00 / 14:00 / 16:00 / 18:00) to Pattaya. After arriving at Suvarnabhumi, you can find Bell Travel staff near Gate number 7 on level 1. The big buses first go to the North Pattaya Road Bus Station and from there, mini vans take passengers to their respective hotels. If you have not done advance booking on Bell Travel website and still wish to travel on their bus direct to your Pattaya hotel, you can still do it after arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Cost of the service if booked on Bell Travel website is 280 THB but if you take the second option of booking after arriving at the airport, you will have to pay more than that.

Here are the details of these two options:

Advance booking on Bell Travel website

1. Go to the Bell Travel online booking website at this address: https://ticket.belltravelservice.com/customer/Webhome

2. Choose pick-up point Suvarnabhumi and drop-off point as Pattaya City. Later from the next page you will be able to pick your hotel from a list. Choose departure date and number of seats and press “Next”.

3. From the next page select Bus Time and click “Next”. Bell Travel suggests that you select a bus time that is at least 1 hour 30 minutes after your scheduled arrival time at Suvarnabhumi Airport to provide for visa/immigration and collection of bags.

4. On the next page, once you click the button next to drop-off location that says “…”, you will be able to select your Pattaya hotel.

5. To confirm booking and complete your payment, you will need to provide your name and email address. Once online payment is processed successfully, your booking is confirmed.

6. Arrive at the gathering point between gate number 7 and 8 on level 1. If your flight gets delayed or your immigration takes too long, Bell Travel staff will accommodate you on the next available bus on the same day provided you have booked a bus for 1 hour 30 minutes after your scheduled arrival time. However, if there is no bus service left for the day, you will lose your booking amount.

Booking Bell Travel after Arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Bell Travel Agent at Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok
Bell Travel Agent at Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok

1. You may proceed to the counter on level 2 as shown in the above image (there are three or four such counters and all are of the same company).

2. The staff there will do a booking for you on the next available Bell Travel Bus. They will charge more than the official price of 280 THB. The rest is all the same as option 1.

3. In this option, the next available bus may not be going too soon and you may have to wait. The cost is also higher. On the positive side, you are not taking the risk of a delayed flight and missing your bus.

4. In case you are planning to take this option but do not find a bus available when you get there, just go to level 1 and take the Roong Reuang bus.

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