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Sands Marina Bay Resort in Singapore
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Singapore is a perfect holiday destination that has something to offer to every visitor. Whether you are travelling with your companion, family, friends, or just solo, Singapore will not disappoint you. Actually the choice of things to see and do in Singapore is so huge that it will be impossible to do it all within a few days. That means you need to pick and choose and this page will help you in doing just that. I have linked below all my articles that I have written on Singapore based on my travel experiences there.

Travel in Singapore

Singapore Airport

Cheap Hotel Stay

Geylang earned a name as a red light district but today it offers one of the cheapest hotel accommodation in Singapore. In fact the area is a favourite of tour operators that bring hoards of family tourists to the many cheap hotels in Geylang and no one seems to be complaining. The Fragrance group hotels are particularly nice and clean. I usually stay in one of those and here are the articles I have written about them:

See and Do in Singapore

Singapore Casino

Vegetarian Food in Singapore

Indian Food in Singapore

Money Exchange

Shopping in Singapore

SIM Card


      • I’m planning to visit both Malaysia & Singapore next month most probably 3rd week. I know Malaysia has started e-Visa but I think I need to take Singapore visa via agent? How many days will be enough for Singapore ?(I’m gonna skip the expensive places like Disneyland). I plan to spend upto 7-9 days in Malaysia and 3-4 days in Singapore (I’m flexible on no. of days but max is 14 days total) I couldn’t find any articles on Malaysia by you 🙂 those would really come handy!

        • Singapore visa can be taken from Thomas Cook. It is partly online process and will cost around Rs. 1800. Start from their website.

          Singapore has Universal Studios (not Disneyland) but that is mostly for kids or families. The Sentosa Island, Resorts World Sentosa, and Universal Studios are all in the same place and can be accessed via MRT train (go to Harbour Front Station).

          The casino at RWS is one place that you might like to visit and as I have already said in my article, you can visit Sentosa Island for free. There are several articles on the internet about free attractions in Singapore. Please read those.

          About the number of days, if you are going for the first time, 3-4 days in Singapore may not be enough. But your reason for keeping more days for Malaysia may be valid if you are interested more in that country. I have been to Malaysia in 2010 but could only stay in KL. I did not even go to Genting Highlands. One thing I noticed in Malaysia was that the people there do not like Indians. Malaysia Government hates India as a country. The people in general too hate Indians. Because of that I never went back to that country. They would sure like for us to spend our money there but would not give us any respect in return. So please share your interests in Malaysia so that I can respond better.

          Personally I am thinking about going to Philippines next because I find that country a lot more interesting.

          • Thanks for valuable info! As you have mentioned, Now I remember 2 Incidents with Malaysians, They were certainly hateful! Now, I’m wondering is it really worth going haha ! I planned to go to KL, Georgetown, Genting Highlands, Malacca.
            They have also started charging some Tourist Tax @10 MYR per day.

            Maybe I’ll go Singapore and re-visit Thailand and skip Malaysia. How much Thailand charging now for VOA? I remember they lowered it to 1000 baht till August 2017. Where your Macau & HK posts gone? I can’t see them anymore. Please do share about Visa process for Phillipines, It’s also in my go-to list. Do let me know about Vietnam as well if you been there.

          • Hi

            Thailand VOA fee is 2000 THB now.

            My HK and Macau posts are all there even now but are yet to be presented via a single page. Will get to do that only in November.

            I will go to Philippines in 2018 but not sure about Vietnam. Will right about Manila after I return from there. It is easy to go to Philippines. Visa can be taken from an agent in India. Try Thomas Cook if you are interested.

          • I will not take it because I do not want to see every place in the list. Only some of these places will be worth a visit. Just buy an Easy Link card that will work on all trains and buses. Travel yourself. All MRT stations have counters selling Easy Link card, even the one at the airport.

          • What about Currency? is it better to bring USD and exchange it?
            I want to save ATM withdrawal charges and exchange rate.

          • Go to your nearest IndusInd Bank branch and take their Forex Card. If you apply for the card online, there are no card issue charges also. They will sell you SGD at bank rate and there are no ATM withdrawal charges for the first two withdrawals every month. Use OCBC Bank ATM in Singapore.

          • Ok, Ill get their card. their branch is near my office. I’ll see if they can give me SGD here. What will be best for Malaysia?

          • For Malaysia carry USD in cash and convert there. Some local money changers in the market area are good. Don’t remember specifically which one. Inquire from some local person there.

          • bit late to reply! I completed my 14 day trip on 5th. I had tried to get that Forex card from Indusind bank but they didn’t had it. They even called their main branch and they also didn’t had it. Looks like lack of demand and laziness of chief managers!
            Malaysia trip was great! Didn’t faced any racism or such incidents.
            I also visited Georgetown and it was overall all great experience! Would write about t in my own blog some day 🙂
            Also, KL has its own RapidKL Card for using on all buses and metros! and costs just 15RM with 9 RM balance!

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