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Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Kandy Sri Lanka
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Kandy Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka as a tourist destination has something to offer to everyone. They have beaches, wildlife, temples, shopping, massage, and even casinos. Much of these come at easy prices too. Two main cities of Sri Lanka that tourists often visit are Colombo (capital city) and Kandy. Colombo has the casinos and shopping whereas Kandy has the famous Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. Unfortunately, this temple is also the place where elephants are subjected to severe cruelty which increases to horrific proportions during the annual Perahera festival. Whenever tourists make plans to visit Kandy during Perahera festival days, they are unknowingly contributing towards continued cruelty and mistreatment of elephants. So, be good to elephants by ignoring Perahera.

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