Genting Highlands Malaysia Casino Guide

Sky Casino at Genting Highlands Malaysia
Sky Casino at Genting Highlands Malaysia

The most prominent attraction in Genting Highlands Entertainment Complex is the casino – the old Genting Casino and its new avatar the Sky Casino. Of course, there are the obligatory “family” attractions such as Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, but my guess is that if you remove the casino, Genting Highlands will no longer be commercially viable. In this article I will share a lot of useful information that will help a first time visitor to Genting Highlands in getting around the place in general and the two casinos in particular. Gaming currency in Malaysia is RM (Malaysian Ringgit) and there is no entry fee. Malaysian Muslims are not allowed entry. All visitors to the casino must be over 21 years of age.
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Genting Casino

Genting Casino in Genting Highlands Malaysia

This is the original one and is still going strong. There are three main inter-connected areas in Genting Highlands – First World Complex, Sky Avenue Complex, and Genting Grand Complex. The third one, Genting Grand Complex, is where the old Genting Casino and the old Genting Skyway (rope way) are located. Later they constructed the Sky Avenue where the new Awana Skyway and Sky Casino were built. The old Genting Skyway is still used on a temporary basis whenever Awana Skyway is under maintenance. The old Genting Casino is always open. Actually from what I saw there, Genting Casino is still the preferred choice of most regular Chinese players. The pros have left the new casino for tourists and newbies.

Carnival-like Atmosphere

The level of energy on the floor of Genting Casino will surprise you, particularly if you go there after spending a few hours in Sky Casino. Genting Casino, also called Circus Palace, looks like an old world casino, somewhat similar to Casino Lisboa in Macau. A small cramped place with gaming tables and slot machines everywhere. You cannot walk ten steps without having to go around a gaming table or a row of slot machines. In fact, this old casino appears to have some of the more interesting and newer slot machines. I found the new Aristocrat Mighty Cash slots in Genting Casino but not in Sky Casino. Plus, slots in Genting Casino are popular. I went there at 11:00am on a Friday, and had to walk around for a few minutes before I could find an idle slot machine. The minimum line bets on slot machines in Genting Casino start at 2 cents (or “sents” as they would be written as in Malaysia). However, you will find most slot machines having minimum line bets of 5 cents. There are a few machines with 10 cent bets and some other machines allow the players to choose their bet level.

Table Games in Genting Casino

During weekends (Saturday-Sunday), one would mostly find Baccarat, Stud Poker, Three Card Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette tables in Genting Casino. On weekdays, there may be some additional games such as “Progressive Texas Hold’em Poker.” Read all about Progressive Texas Hold’em Poker in Genting Highlands Casino here. Minimum bets during weekdays are 10 RM for Roulette and 25 RM for Three Card Poker, etc. During weekends, 10 and 25 RM tables get replaced by 20 and 50 RM tables.

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Exchange Counter and Free Drinks

There is a MayBank foreign exchange counter inside Genting Casino. The exchange rates at this counter are the same as at any other exchange counter in Genting Highlands.

Free drinks have to be obtained by the visitors to the casino from the free drink stations. What was available at the time of my visit was black coffee with pre-mixed sugar, some canned juice, and water. There was no tea, and nothing with milk in it.

Genting Rewards

At the entry of Circus Palace Genting Casino, you will find Genting Rewards membership counter from where new players can get their membership card by presenting their passport. The rewards are not generous and trying to earn Genting Points (GP) is a very expensive proposition. Do not try to earn points, just be happy with what you get. One GP is equal in value to one RM. New members start at the basic Red membership level and once they have lost a lot of money in the casino, they get to move up to Silver or Gold levels.

Genting Club

Genting Club is another gaming area attached to Genting Casino but entry to the club is restricted to members having Gold level or higher status.

Sky Casino

Sky Casino can be accessed from Sky Avenue Complex which is the main entertainment area of Genting Highlands. You will find signs leading you to Sky Avenue and Sky Casino everywhere. This gaming area is much bigger and better designed as compared to the old Genting Casino. If you have seen the Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore, you already know what Sky Casino looks like because it is almost a copy of Marina Bay Sands. Apart from slot machines, the table games available here are Zodiac Wheel, Three Card Poker, Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, Stud Poker, Roulette, Sic Bo, French Boule, and Big Wheel. Minimum bets for Roulette start at 10 RM while for table games, the minimum bets are 25 RM. During weekends, however, the minimum bets may increase to 20 and 50 RM respectively depending on the level of crowd in the casino. Sky Casino is always less crowded as compared to Genting Casino and as such, you may still find 25 RM tables here during weekends.

Two Main Casino Floors and a Silver Club

Sky casino is spread over two main public floors, and then there is the Silver Club which is supposed to be restricted to Silver Level Genting Rewards members. During my visit to the casino, I did not see any difference among the three floors. All games and bet levels were the same regardless of the floor and everyone was allowed into Silver Club without any screening. I could play a 25 RM table game in the Silver Club.

Drink Stations

The casino does not serve any drink at the gaming tables. Taking a drink at a gaming table is not even allowed, not even water. If you want water, leave your seat at the table and find a drink station. Drink stations have either water or juice, black tea without sugar and black coffee with sugar. There is no tea or coffee with milk.

Vegetarian Food

Finding vegetarian food anywhere in Genting Highlands is not easy. The casino is no exception. If you need vegetarian food, leave the casino. There are a few places outside but almost all will close before midnight. Anyway, for information on vegetarian food in Genting Highlands, you may read this article of mine.


Smoking is allowed anywhere in the casino and there is no designated gaming area where smoking is not allowed.

Slot Machine Payouts

Slot machine payouts are generally horrible anywhere in Sky Casino or Genting Casino but comparatively maybe better in Genting Casino because more people play slots in Genting Casino. It is a bad idea to play slots in any casino in Genting Highlands.

Where To Stay

If you have come to Genting Highlands for the casino, it is OK to stay at the First World Hotel, just do not book a Standard Room. A Y5 Deluxe Room with a valley or mountain view should be fine. Please read more about First World Hotel here or you may Book a Room in Hotel First World here.

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