Lowest Minimum Bets in Genting Highlands Casino Malaysia

Players at a casino gaming table
Players at a casino gaming table

If you have ever visited a casino in Macau, you will know the importance of being able to find a casino where one can play affordable minimum bets. By keeping the minimum bets on table games very high, the casinos manage to keep the gaming as stressful as possible for players. When players gamble under the stress of not being able to afford the game, they lose money. The casino wins as usual. Now if this is your primary concern, and you are thinking of playing at a Genting Highlands casino in Malaysia, you are in luck! Bet sizes on table games and slot machines in both Genting Casino and Sky Casino are lower than what you would believe. In this article I will share the lowest bet sizes for all the table games in both Genting Casino and Sky Casino at Genting Highlands Malaysia.

Minimum Bets in Genting Casino and Sky Casino

The gaming currency in the casinos at Genting Highlands Malaysia is RM (Malaysian Ringgit). At the time of writing this article, one US Dollar was equal to 4.09 Malaysian Ringgits.

Slot Machines

There are hundreds of slot machines in both the old Genting Casino and the new Sky Casino. There is no difference in the bet sizes of either slot machines or table games among the old and the new casino. Slot machine line bets in both the casinos start at 2 cents (or “sents”) per line. There are 100 cents in one Ringgit. Most of the slot machines are set at 5 cents while there are some that require line bets of 10 cents or more. There are some slot machines where the player can select the line bet from the lowest 2 cents to the highest of 10 cents or even more. One can find similar slot machines even in the Silver Club premium gaming area of Sky Casino.

Minimum Bets on Table Games

Minimum bets on table games start at 10 RM for Roulette and 25 RM for manual table games. Electronic games offer bets of 20 RM also. Here are the details:


Minimum bet during weekdays: 10 RM

Minimum bet during weekends: 10 or 20 RM

Electronic Roulette: 5 RM


Minimum bet on tables on any day: 50 and 100 RM

Electronic Baccarat: 20 RM


Minimum bet on tables on any day: 50 and 100 RM


Minimum bet on tables on any day: 50 and 100 RM

Zodiac Wheel

25 RM

Three Card Poker

Minimum bets on tables between 25 and 50 RM depending on the day of the week

Stud Poker

50 RM

Texas Hold’em Progressive (Bonus Poker)

Minimum bets on tables between 25 and 50 RM depending on the day of the week. Minimum Bonus bet is 25 RM and jackpot bet is fixed at 2.50 RM. A player can place jackpot bet on self or dealer’s hand. Read All About Progressive Texas Hold’em Poker in Genting Highlands Casino here.

Three Pictures

50 RM

Sic Bo

25 RM

Big Wheel (Money Wheel)

5 RM

French Boule

20 RM

The Weekend / Holiday / Crowd Factors

Just remember that the casino will likely increase minimum bet requirements at will if they find huge crowds thronging the casinos on any special day.

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