JR Curry House Genting Highlands: Vegetarian Menu, Prices, and Timings

JR Curry House Genting Highlands Malaysia
JR Curry House Genting Highlands Malaysia

JR Curry House is one of the few restaurants in Genting Highlands Malaysia where vegetarian food is available. It’s not pure vegetarian though as told to me by the restaurant’s manager. Much of the menu here is non-vegetarian and there is a common kitchen for all kinds of food. Apparently the chefs use the same pots and pans, and even the same cooking oil for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. I call this food “almost vegetarian”. There is no pure vegetarian kitchen in Genting Highlands, except in Chin Swee Caves Temple, and hence vegetarian tourists have to eat in places like JR Curry House only. There are quite a few others similar to this one. JR Curry House is located on Level 4 of Sky Avenue, close to Ripley’s Believe It or Not! It opens daily between 8:00am and midnight.

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Dining Tables at JR Curry House Genting Highlands Malaysia

In this restaurant, for some foods you get table service while for some other foods that are on display at the main food counter, you take a plate, pickup the food that you want, go the cashier and pay, and then walk to any vacant table to eat. For food items such as roti canai, dosa, you order at the cashier, pay, and then walk to a table carrying your order number display stand. The staff will find you and serve your order at the table.

Vegetarian Menu

Vegetarian Food in Genting Highlands
Vegetarian Food in Genting Highlands

Vegetarian options at JR Curry House are limited to one or two varieties of stir-fried vegetables, roti canai, vegetarian biryani rice, and some South Indian food. Just you need to know that what looks like vegetarian in this restaurant may not be vegetarian. In the picture that you see above, out of the two veggie dishes, the one on the left (stir-fried carrots and broccoli) is vegetarian. The one on the right though looks good has oyster sauce in it. I was warned about that in the restaurant by their staff while I was placing my order.

The following was the vegetarian menu in JR Curry House when I visited the place in March 2019:

Roti Canai – 6.00 RM

Roti Canai in JR Curry House Genting Highlands Malaysia

Two pieces of roti canai paratha and a little dal curry, all for 6.00 RM is what makes this dish super attractive. I was told by the cashier of the restaurant that the curry was vegetarian. The quantity of the dal curry was too little but still for the price it was not a bad deal.

Vegetarian Dosa – 5.00 RM

Almost Vegetarian Dosa in Genting Highlands Malaysia
Almost Vegetarian Dosa in Genting Highlands Malaysia

If you know South Indian food, the above will look like Uttapam to you. Here at JR Curry House, they call it ‘Vegetarian Dosa’ because the dosa has some veggie toppings on it, carrots and corn, etc.

The veggie curry tasted good but the dosa itself had been under-cooked. But for 5.00 RM, it was still value for money.

Snacks – 2.00 RM Per Piece

Gram Dal Vada at JR Curry House Genting Highlands
Gram Dal Vada at JR Curry House Genting Highlands

This gram dal vada cost me 2.00 RM per piece. It was lukewarm, not hot, but still tasted good. The price was right too.

Rice and Stir Fried Vegetables

Rice and Stir Fried vegetables are sold on a per serving-spoon basis. At the main food counter, the staff will add spoon fulls to your plate and will stop when you say so. The prices will be like 3.00 or 4.00 RM per serving-spoon.

There are a few other items on the menu that may be vegetarian. Read the menu and then confirm with the cashier before ordering.

All quoted prices include taxes.

Food Quality

I was just happy to have been able to find some vegetarian food in Genting Highlands so at that time did not feel like complaining about the quality of the food. I ate at this restaurant three times during my four days of stay in Genting Highlands. I liked the roti canai and dal vada. Stir-fried broccoli was also ok. Vegetarian dosa was not so good. Overall, the vegetarian food in this restaurant is ordinary. Does not cost much either so, I guess one can eat here just to beat the hunger.

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