QiQi Taiwan Snacks in Genting Highlands: Vegetarian Menu, Prices, and Timings

QiQi Taiwan Snacks in Genting Highlands
QiQi Taiwan Snacks in Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands in Malaysia is not a very friendly place if one is trying to search for vegetarian food. There is perhaps only one pure vegetarian kitchen in the entire area and that is away from the hotels and the parks – in Chin Swee Caves Temple. Apart from that, the so-called vegetarian food that you get here is not pure vegetarian, it’s rather almost vegetarian. I have shared this and many other facts and information on where to find vegetarian food in Genting Highlands in this article of mine that you must read. QiQi Taiwan Snacks is one place that serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. If you have read online something about a certain “QiQi Vegetarian Stall” in some food court in Genting Highlands, do not waste your time searching for that one. That old place was located in Genting Premium Outlets and is not closed for good. QiQi Taiwan Snacks is what is open now. They are located near the ‘Old Genting Skyway’ in Genting Grand Complex and their working hours are 9:00am to 11:00pm.

Vegetarian Food at QiQi Taiwan Snacks

Sweet Potato Sticks at QiQi Taiwan Snacks in Genting Highlands
Sweet Potato Sticks at QiQi Taiwan Snacks in Genting Highlands

What you see in the picture above is a small box of Sweet Potato Sticks. These look very similar to French fries and cost 8 MYR per box. It’s expensive. But they have a lot more vegetarian food on their menu:

Vegetarian Set Meals

There are five types of set meals, and all have some common items like plain steamed rice, sweet potato sticks, salad, and a glass of Chinese tea. The special item in each different set is steamed vegetables, curry vegetables, mixed mushrooms, bean curd with kung pao, and mixed tempura vegetables. All these sets cost either 15.90 or 16.90 MYR.

Fake Meats (Soy based)

They have fake meat dishes in these variants: vegetarian chicken, vegetarian fish, vegetarian lamb, vegetarian squid, and vegetarian prawns. These dishes are cooked like curries in some kind of a thick sauce and all cost 12.20 MYR. One has to order rice separately if needed or there is the option of ordering these fake meat dishes as a set, with rice included, in which case the price is 13.10 MYR.


There are some fresh fruit and vegetable juices priced between 9 and 11 MYR, so as to complete the vegetarian experience.

The menu has pictures of all the food items but one may not expect the food to be just like the pictures. I saw the picture of the sweet potato sticks and then the real thing. It looked better in the picture.

Still, I guess, a complete vegetarian meal costing between 12 and 16 MYR is not expensive considering you are in Genting Highlands. And I would even eat here just to encourage QiQi to continue serving vegetarian food.

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