Spice Garden Indian Restaurant at Genting Highlands: Vegetarian Menu, Prices, And Timings

Spice Garden Indian Restaurant at Genting Highlands Malaysia
Spice Garden Indian Restaurant at Genting Highlands Malaysia

Spice Garden Indian restaurant is one of the few restaurants in Genting Highlands Malaysia where vegetarian food is available. Spice Garden serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and therefore, is not a pure vegetarian restaurant. For that matter, there is not a single pure vegetarian kitchen in Genting Highlands except in the Chin Swee Caves Temple. And where they do serve some vegetarian food, not only the kitchen but also the stoves, the pots, and probably even the cooking oil are common. I have shared this and many other facts including where to find vegetarian food in Genting Highlands in this article of mine. Please read it. Another option for Indian food in Genting Highlands is Sri Paandi Curry House. Now let us talk about Spice Garden…

Spice Garden Indian Restaurant in Genting Highlands opens every day from 12:00 noon to midnight. To find it, you need to go to Genting Grand Complex, towards the old Genting Skyway. When you reach Genting Grand Hotel, it is within a few meters walk. But please ask someone in the hotel. Genting Highlands can be a very confusing place and finding a particular restaurant can be tough. In case you do not want to take the trouble of finding where Spice Garden is, you have the option of ordering their food in your hotel room in Genting Highlands, even First World Hotel. You may call them on +60 126845639. Their WhatsApp number is +60 126018206. If your hotel room has a phone, call the operator and ask for Spice Garden.

Vegetarian Menu and Prices
(All prices are subject to 6% GST and 10% service charge.)

Vegetarian Snacks

Onion Bhajji – 15 MYR
Vegetable Pakoda – 14 MYR
Paneer Pakoda – 25 MYR
French Fries – 16 MYR

Vegetarian Curries

The lowest priced vegetable curry is Jeera Aloo, at 19 MYR and the most expensive is Paneer Tikka Masala at 32 MYR. In between they have vegetarian curries made from dal, chana, potato, kofta, mushrooms, and paneer. If you are looking for real vegetables, they have eggplant, lady’s finger, and mixed vegetable curries.

Indian Breads

A single plain tandoori roti costs 5 MYR and and a royal naan costs 13 MYR. Butter naan and missi roti are priced at 8 MYR.


For rice eaters, there are options starting from plain steamed rice, to jeera rice, vegetable pulav, and biryani in vegetable and mushroom variants, all costing between 9 and 23 MYR.


Desserts such as kulfi, firni, gulab jamun, and halwa are priced between 12 and 15 MYR.


An Indian chai costs 7 MYR. There are also mango/plain lassi 12 MYR, soft drinks 8 MYR, and bottled water at 5 MYR.

Combo for 2

There is a special combo for 2 at a promo price of 95 MYR, so I guess you can make it a combo for 4 at 190 MYR. It consists of snacks, curries, rice, breads, drinks, and desserts. Except for the dessert that is the “dessert of the day”, one gets to choose the food from a small special menu. The actual price of this deal is 125 MYR, so the promo price of 95 MYR maybe good as long as you have a big appetite and the promo is still available. You may get some additional discount on the entire menu by flashing your Genting Rewards Card or by making a cash payment. Please inquire about this at the restaurant.

The Rest of It

There is also a green salad in the menu at 7 MYR and some middle eastern salads too. Food can be prepared as non-spicy, medium-spicy, and spicy. No beef or pork items are served. Jain (no onion-no garlic) food is available.

Did not read anything special so far? Well, there isn’t. I would still be happy to have found some vegetarian food in Genting Highlands, even if it is not pure vegetarian.

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