Indian Food at Sri Paandi Curry House Genting Highlands

Sri Paandi Curry House Genting Highlands
Sri Paandi Curry House Genting Highlands

While searching for vegetarian food in Genting Highlands, I went to the Malaysian Food Street on Level 4 of Sky Avenue. I could not find anything vegetarian there. But it was there, only I had overlooked something. Beside Malaysian Food Street, there was another area called ‘Jom Makan Street Food’. Now if I had looked inside this small area, I would have found ‘Sri Paandi Curry House’ where they do have Indian vegetarian food. If you need help finding the place, first ask for Malaysia Food Street. When you find that one, ask some of the staff there about Jom Makan. It’s adjacent. The opening hours of Jom Makan Street Food are 8:00am to 10:00pm Sunday to Thursday and 8:00am to 11:00pm Friday and Saturday.

Jom Makan Street Food Genting Highlands
Jom Makan Street Food Genting Highlands

Sri Paandi Curry House

The food menu of Sri Paandi Curry House is different from the one at JR Curry House nearby. It looks more authentic Indian, and the food here costs more than JR Curry House, a lot more actually. The staff said the quantity is more and the quality is better. Now that has to be right because the price of a masala dosa at Sri Paandi costs 15 MYR as compared to just 5 MYR at JR Curry House. The listed price of all food at Sri Paandi includes all taxes and service charges, thankfully.

Indian vegetarian Menu
(All prices include one cup of coffee or tea)

Paper Dosa – 14 MYR
Masala Dosa – 15 MYR
Ghee Dosa – 17 MYR
Rawa Dosa – 15 MYR
Idli (2 pcs) – 13 MYR
Vada (2 pcs) – 7 MYR
Chapati & Curry – 14 MYR
Aloo Paratha – 15 MYR
Roti Canai – 14 MYR
Pakoda – 7 MYR
Kesari Bhat – 4 MYR
Sweet Lassi – 7 MYR
Coffee / Tea – 6 MYR

Ask the staff about any additional vegetarian food available at the time and while ordering anything, do not forget to tell the staff that you want vegetarian. Because, for example, a roti canai can be served either with a meat-based or with a vegetarian curry.

Another option for Indian food in Genting Highlands is Spice Garden Indian Restaurant in Genting Grand Complex.

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