Playing Mini Flush In Casino Pride Goa? Better Not!

Three of a Kind in Mini Flush Casino Game
Three of a Kind in Mini Flush Casino Game

I usually do not go to any Pride Group casino in Goa because I find those to be sub-standard establishments. But once in a while I must go there at least to update myself on any positive or negative developments in their operations. During one such visit to ‘Casino Pride 1‘ in December 2016, I noticed something that made me think whether anyone should go and gamble in Pride Group casinos in Goa. It was a ‘Mini Flush’ table and I could play just one game before I had to get up and run. For those of you who are not familiar with ‘Mini Flush’, here is a snapshot of the game (please read the entire article for your own good)…

Mini Flush Casiso Game

Mini Flush is a single deck, three card game similar to Three Card Poker and is played against the dealer. Dealer qualifies with a Queen high in both the games. However there are a few difference between these two games. In Mini Flush, a player can place bonus bets on both high and low outcomes of the players’ hands, in addition to the ante bet. On the “high” side, the ranking of the hands differs. In Mini Flush, a Trio (Three of a Kind) ranks higher than Straight Flush. Payouts are different too:

High Hand Wins on Bonus Bets

Three of a kind – 100 Times
Straight Flush – 75 Times
Straight – 4 Times
Flush – 2 Times
Pair – Push ( No win / no loss)

Low Hand Wins on Bonus Bets

Highest Card is a 5 – 50 Times
Highest Card is a 6 – 15 Times
Highest Card is a 7 – 4 Times
Highest Card is an 8 – 2 Times
Highest Card is a 9 – 1 Time
Highest Card is a 10 – Push ( No win / no loss)
(To claim a Low Hand win, a player need not place any “play” bet. The cards can be turned up and the low win will be paid out after the dealer takes away the high bonus bet along with the ante bet.)

As you can see above, on a high hand win, the payouts are fantastic on a Trio or a straight flush whereas on a pair, nothing is paid out. In comparison, a pair win on a bonus (pair plus) bet in Three Card Poker will be 1:1. It is obvious that in ‘Mini Flush’, the payouts on pair, flush, and straight are kept low to compensate for the fantastic payouts on straight flush and three of a kind. In other words, for the players, the occasional wins on straight flush and three of a kind are very important in the game of Mini Flush. And this is where Casino Pride (both 1 and 2) were seen hitting the players below the belt.

What Casino Pride Is Doing

After other players and I had placed our bets on a Mini Flush table in Casino Pride 1 Goa, to my utter shock, the dealer took out a dice from somewhere and rolled it on the table. It stopped at 4. She quickly burnt (discarded) four cards out of the shuffled 52 cards she was holding. Now only 48 cards were left in her hand which she started dealing in the normal course. I could not believe what I was seeing but the other players on the table seemed unaware of what was actually going on. The dealer had just significantly reduced the probability of any player hitting a winning hand by removing 4 out of the 52 cards from the deck. It will take a statistician to figure out the probability loss for each possible winning combination but in general even I can say that the casino had cheated us right in front of out eyes. Depending on how many cards got burnt after the roll of the dice (between one and six), the players chances of hitting a trio or a straight flush were practically gone. Despite my limited knowledge of casino gaming, I can still say that such a fraud would not be permitted in any jurisdiction in the world where a gaming regulator is in control. In Goa and for that matter in India, there is no regulator for casino gaming. That leaves the possibility of such an unfair casino operation.

Just imagine, if such a thing can happen in a Pride Group casino for one game, it can happen for other games too. I earlier used to visit Casino Pride once in a quarter but now I am thinking even once in a year may be more than enough. So pardon me if I am not updating anything on Casino Pride or their other group casinos in Goa in a hurry. And do you want to go to Casino Pride to gamble with your money, better think again.