One Time Play (OTP) Chips in Goa Casinos

Gaming Chips in Casino
Gaming Chips in Casino

One needs to pay an entry fee to enter a casino in Goa. This entry fee will be a minimum of INR 1000 (equal to the government levy) per person but usually more than that to cover the “free” drinks, food, and entertainment in the casino. The floating casinos docked in the river Mandovi in Panjim charge the most entry fee. For example, the minimum entry fee to get into ‘Deltin Royale’, Goa largest floating casino, is INR 3500 whereas for ‘Casino Chances’ in Dona Paula (on-land casino) it is just INR 1000. Even ‘Chances’ throws in a few free drinks and a buffet dinner but that casino is small, away from the city, and has nothing to offer in terms of entertainment. Deltin Royale on the other hand has a complete package of drinks, snacks, dinner, and entertainment to offer on its dedicated 2nd floor. When you buy an entry ticket to a floating casino in Goa, another thing that you get as part of the package is something called “One Time Play Chips” (OTP Chips). The face value of these OTP chips can be less, equal to or more than the entry fee that you paid. So if you get more face value in OTP chips than the entry fee you paid, are you already a winner? May not be, because probably you have not understood how the OTP chips work.

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What are OTP Chips, Plastic Chip or Paper Token?

Deltin Royale and Deltin JAQK use plastic OTP chips whereas the Pride Group casinos, both on-land and floating, use paper tokens that are still called OTP chips. In Deltin casinos, the chips are given to you inside the casino at the cashier’s cage upon presentation of the entry ticket. Pride casinos handover OTP paper tokens to the customers along with the entry ticket at the jetty/main gate itself.

Where OTP Chips Can Be Used

It is important to know that OTP chips cannot be used on each and every game or for each and every type of bet in a Goa casino. Generally speaking, OTP chips can be used on Blackjack, Casino War, and Money Wheel without many restrictions. However, Deltin Group will not allow you to use OTP chips on games like Three Card Poker and Mini Flush. When it comes to Roulette, OTP chips can only be used on outside bets that pay 1:1, like on Red/Black or Odd/Even numbers. Pride Group is more flexible with the use of their OTP paper tokens. That makes it important for you to find out all the terms and conditions governing the use of OTP chips if you do not want any surprises later.

Official Deltin OTP Rules

“One-Time Play Coupons will be issued in denominations of Rs 500. One Time Play Coupons can only be played on non commission live games which offer even payment (1 to1) such as Blackjack, Mini Baccarat, Casino War, Big / Small bets on Sic-Bo, Money wheel and on even chances on Roulette game.

The age group of 18 to 20 years cannot avail One Time Play Coupons. The permissible age for entry on the casino floor is 21 years and above.”

OTP Win on Blackjack

If a player made the bet with an OTP chip of INR 500 on a game of Blackjack and gets a ‘Blacljack’, i.e. a Picture Card + Ace, the pay-out will be 1.50:1. In this case, the OTP chip will be taken away but the casino will pay cash chips equal to INR 750.

Some Other Terms and Conditions

OTP chips cannot be exchanged for chips of smaller denomination. Say, if you got OTP chips having face value of INR 500, you will need to make a minimum bet of INR 500 while using OTP chips. These chips cannot be used for any purpose other than betting on designated games. Slot games cannot be played with OTP chips.

Real Value of OTP Chips

The name – one time play chips – implies that you can play with these chips only once, until you win or lose a bet made with such a chip. However, if the game results in a tie, the chip remains with you. Imagine a bet made with an OTP chip having a face value of INR 500, if you lose the bet they take away the chip and the matter ends. However, if you win the bet they still take away the OTP chip but pay you with a cash chip of INR 500.

Now if you had made a bet of INR 500 using a cash chip, upon winning the bet you would have received INR 1000 back, the win amount of INR 500 plus your own bet of INR 500. But with a win on an OTP chip, you receive only INR 500. What does that mean, an OTP chip’s real value is only 50% of its face value.

Real Cost of Entry in a Goa Casino

Whatever value of OTP chips you are getting along with your entry package should be reduced to 50% so as to arrive at the real cost of your package. For example, a basic entry to Deltin Royale on weekdays costs INR 3500 and you get OTP chips worth Rs. 2000. Since the real value of these OTP chips is INR 1000 only, the net cost of your entry package is INR 2500.

Government Levy

INR 1000 out of these amounts per person will go to the government provided you got a government levy receipt along with your entry ticket. The rest is what you pay for the “free” stuff inside, like the drinks, snacks, dinner, etc.

Just to inform you, there is no entry fee to get into a casino in Sri Lanka, Macau, or Singapore (for tourists). Also Read: Goa Casino Guide