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Where to find best paying slot machines in Macau

MGM Cotai Casino in Macau
MGM Cotai Casino in Macau

Generally speaking, playing slot machines in any casino in Macau is a bad idea. Words like “95% payout” or “Loose Slots” are foreign to Macau in every sense. Consider this: the Chinese name for slot machines in Macau translates to “Hungry Tigers.” And actually, they are more like greedy tigers who keep eating our money even when they have been eating all day. Slot machines in Macau are not a priority either, for the casinos or for the players. Everyone wants to play Baccarat, so much so that approximately 90% of all gaming revenue for Macau’s casinos comes from this one game. The remaining 10% is contributed by slot machines along with all of the table games except Baccarat. Let us compare this with the US figures. In October 2018, the US State of Nevada recorded a combined gaming revenue of USD 1.062 billion. Out of that, slot machines had contributed USD 693 million, or 65.25%. That was a massive share. People in the US love to play slots. Why? Because slot machines in the US let the players win. In Macau, they don’t, well, at least most of the time. (Also read: Macau Casino Guide)

Slot Machines in Macau are Also Popular

You will find slot machines in all of Macau’s casinos. They are an obligation for the casinos, that perhaps came about after American casino groups set up shop in Macau. Now they are popular too, particularly because of the major slot machine providers such as Aristocrat, SG Group, Ainsworth, Aruze, IGT, and Konami designed slot games keeping the Chinese players in mind. Now there are Chinese themed variants of even the newer slot games such as Aristocrat’s Lightning Link.

Where Are the Best Paying Slot Machines in Macau?

I will tell you this and also where are the worst paying slot machines in Macau. But you need to know something up front. Slot payouts in Macau are a secret that no one will share with you. What you will read in this article is just my experience. Of course, it’s vast experience and whatever you will read in the subsequent paragraphs will not be something casually written. I have played slot games in all the American and many Chinese owned casinos in Macau, and I have played a lot. I am genuinely trying to help my readers here.

The Worst Paying Slot Casino in Macau

Slot Machines in Venetian Casino Macau
Slot Machines in Venetian Casino Macau

The worst paying slot casino in Macau is actually a group of casinos and sadly it is an American group. I am talking about the Sands group. The casinos of this group in Macau are Sands Macau, Venetian, Plaza Macau, Parisian, and Sands Cotai Central. Slot machine payouts in all of these casinos are criminally low. While you lose your money on slots in this group’s casinos, you will seldom find any staff around to bring you a bottle of water or a coffee or anything. And when you need to go to the loo, you will be lucky to find it without having to walk a good number of steps. Lately, I have been happy to observe that the players have also given up on the Sands group casinos in Macau. Even this group’s newest casino – Parisian – looks deserted. The Venetian is an exception in terms of footfall, though, where tourists go to see the Canal and then get suckered into playing in the casino downstairs. Poor souls.

The Best Slot Casino in Macau

Please do not assume that playing in the casino that I reveal here will make you rich. When I see slot machines in a casino, I look for variety. Like I said earlier in this article, Macau casinos have slot machines from these slot providers: Aristocrat, SG Group, Ainsworth, Aruze, IGT, Konami, and a few more. The casino that has this good mix of slot games is MGM Cotai, located next to Wynn Palace. Customer service in terms of drinks, etc., is good, even though it is not as good as Wynn Palace. And if you play sensibly, you will find that the payouts are decent too. During your next visit to Macau, do this experiment. First, go to a Sands group casino and play on any slot machine for a few spins. Get up quickly, and go to MGM Cotai. Find that same slot game, and play for a few spins. You will see the difference in terms of the payouts. But again, you have to remember that you are still fighting a hungry tiger, if not a greedy one. Play Responsibly. Playing on slots in MGM Cotai does not guarantee that you will win.

Customer Service Also Matters

Wynn Palace is the best in terms of drink service while you are playing. There is always a staff member around who can quickly get you a bottle of water or call for a coffee or beer as you keep playing. When Wynn Palace opened, they were very good. Later they slipped a little but are still any day better than any of the Sands group casinos.

What About Other Casinos?

A casino where the slot machines are not totally deserted may be OK. But if no one else is playing, why should you? So, let us try and follow these simple rules to decide if slot machines in a Macau casino deserve your money:

  1. During weekends (Friday-Saturday-Sunday) you will generally find more players in any casino in Macau. But if slot machines in a casino are all vacant even during a weekend, get out of there quickly.
  2. Have you found your favorite game? It is alright to play a few spins on a slot game that you love.
  3. Are the slot machines in good condition? Do not ever play on a slot machine that does not accept your rewards card, or has a defective note acceptor or a defective display.
  4. Is there any casino staff around to help you when you need help? You must know that slot machines often malfunction. Sometimes the payout ticket does not print or does not come out of the machine. You will need help. When there is no staff around, you will be stuck there. A casino that does not keep staff around their slot machines is a fraudulent establishment. Do not ever play in such a casino.
  5. Are you being entertained? The basic purpose of slot machines is to entertain the players while they lose their money. But if the atmosphere is depressing, and the machines are only taking your money, playing there any longer will only add to your loss.

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Please Share Your Experience

I want to learn from your experience too. Have you found the going good in a Sands group casino or did MGM Cotai or Wynn Palace disappoint you? Is there any other casino in Macau where I should play slots? Please let me know. I will revise this article as and when I learn something new.

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