Body Massage At Sephora Salon & Spa Panjim Goa

Sephora Salon & Spa Panjim Goa
Sephora Salon & Spa Panjim Goa

Sephora Salon & Spa is one of the establishments in Panjim Goa where one can get a body massage. It is not just a spa because Sephora’s printed brouchure advertises hair, beauty, nails services too. Sephora is conveniently located in Panjim market area close to the Dayanand Badodkar Road. Their official address is like this: G1-6, Ground Floor, Alfran Plaza, Near Don Bosco School, M. G. Road, Panjim and their phone numbers are: 0832-2231314/344. The spa opens daily from 10.00am to 9.00pm. If you are at Dayanand Bandodkar Marg, find the IDBI Bank branch near the Market area and take the turn next to the branch. You are walking towards M. G. Road but this building ‘Alfran Plaza’ will come on your right side before you reach M. G. Road. Its a 5-minute walk. Cross-gender massage is available at Sephora. It is better to call ahead and make a reservation before going in.

Menu and Pricing

Aroma/Balinese Massage: INR 2000 for 60 minutes

Deep Tissue: INR 2100 for 60 minutes

Oriental Back Massage: INR 1050 for 30 mintues

Body Scrub: INR 1400 for 30 minutes

Foot Massage: INR 1000 for 45 minutes

To compare these prices with Sephora’s competition, I suggest that you see the menu of SNIP Salon & Spa which located within a 5 minute walk from Sephora. One difference is that SNIP offers a free 15-minute steam session along with body massage treatments but Sephora doesn’t.

Quality of Massage

I have been to four spa outlets in Panjim and the first two – Waterleaf and SNIP proved to be a lot better in terms of the infrastructure and the quality of the interior. At Sephora I got the impression that they rely more on the beauty services for their business rather than massage services. The massage area looked kind of neglected. The shower cabin in Sephora particularly needed some cleaning.

The actual massage was a disappointment too. First, the masseuse was not wearing a uniform but some T-shirt/jeans combo. She stopped the massage after 50 minutes instead of the one hour that I had paid for. During those 50 minutes also she did not seem to have a standard plan but was rather rubbing here and there waiting for her 50 minutes to be over. This less than satisfactory experience of mine at Sephora may very well be a one-time aberration because what I have learnt after getting massages in different places in different countries is that it all depends on who is doing the massage. All spas/massage shops have both good and bad staff and the customer has to be lucky to get a good massage. I plan to give Sephora another try before I give my final verdict on them.

I actually want to keep Sephora on my list because I never know when SNIP will be too busy or something else might change there and anyway, competition among businesses is always good for customers. I just hope that the people at Sephora understand their responsibility too. They can do better than at least Waterleaf because of their location advantage.

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