Body Massage at SNIP Salon & Spa Panjim Goa

Snip Salon & Spa Panjim Goa
Snip Salon & Spa Panjim Goa

If you wanted to get a body massage in Goa and did not know where to go, well you are reading the article that will lead you to the right place. I have been to four spa joints in Panjim (Goa) and have found SNIP to be the best. I have earlier reviewed ‘Waterleaf Salon & Spa’ in Porvorim near Panjim and concluded that I would not want to go to Waterleaf again. Now I can tell you that SNIP is the reason why I or you do not need Waterleaf. SNIP is perfect in many ways – the best locations in Panjim, decent facilities, very good staff to give massage, and reasonable pricing. SNIP is more than a massage shop, they also provide a whole range of make-up/beauty services, etc. SNIP operates from three locations in Goa – two in Panjim – 18th June Road and Miramar, and one in Calangute. They also have outlets in Mumbai. The outlet that I visited is at 15, Padmavati Towers, Next to Bombay Bazaar, 18th June Road, Panjim (Phone: 0832-2420898/989). SNIP is open from 10.00am to 9.00pm everyday. You will need the phone numbers because many times they are very busy and an advance appointment will be necessary to get a massage there.

Menu and Pricing

One good thing about SNIP is that their services menu along with the costs can be downloaded from the SNIP website or a printed copy can be obtained free of charge from any of their outlets. The pricing is outlet specific – for example, pricing at Calangute outlet may be a little higher as compared to that at a Panjim outlet. The services in the menu are categorised as Hair & Scalp, Facials, Waxing, Bleach, Threading, Make-up, Hands & Feet, Body Massage, and Body Scrub. Facials start at INR 1000, massage starts at INR 900 and body scrub starts at INR 2500. Specifically for massage services, Foot massage costs INR 700/1200 for 30/60 minutes, Aromatherapy/Balinese/Thai massage costs INR 2300 for 60 minutes, and a special ‘Aroma Spirits Massage’ INR 3800 for 90 minutes. A massage session includes a free 15 minute steam/shower at the end. GST (18%) is added on top of these rates. See Complete SNIP Panjim Menu and Prices here (PDF).

Massage Room

The massage rooms are very clean and well furnished. There is a shower/steam cabin, and a dresser mirror is available in the massage room. Each customer gets a private massage room and a locker is provided to the customer to keep their valuables safe during the massage.

Massage Quality

The quality of the massage will depend on the staff that is allocated to you but the one I got from a lady who was from some state in North-East India was really good. She seemed happy being in the job unlike the lady who did the massage for me in Waterleaf. I had chosen a 90 minute signature treatment (cost INR 3200 at that time) because I wanted a 90 minute massage and even a regular aromatherapy would have cost INR 3000 for a 90 minute session (Older price). Before the massage, the masseuse offered me a choice of aroma which I left to her. She decided on ‘Orange Blossom’ something which was good. Actually a 60 minute regular aromatherapy session would also be good enough because what I have seen in almost all the spas in Goa is that if you pay for 90 minutes, they tend to spend too much time on your back. But still, no doubt that I got the best massage in Goa at SNIP. After the massage, the steam session was also nice although the steam became too hot after a while because of the steam vent being located right under the chair. This is an area where Waterleaf scores. I already said in my article on Waterleaf that they have the best infrastructure. In Waterleaf, the steam vent is located in the cabin’s ceiling and hence proves to be more comfortable. So if you are at SNIP, don’t forget to tell the staff to set the steam temperature low because otherwise you may get cooked inside the cabin. Another thing, at SNIP I had to ask for a shower cap whereas the Waterleaf lady had given it to me on her own.

Cross Gender Massage

In case you are wondering, cross-gender massage is provided by all the spa establishments in Goa regardless of what some of them like to say on their websites. Still, at the time of making a reservation, you should state if you wish your massage staff to be male or female.

Overall Experience at SNIP Panjim

After a good massage and steam/shower, I took my time getting dressed in the room and that was fine with them. A hot herbal beverage of some sort was given to me after the massage outside the massage room where they had a small table and a few chairs for the customers. Lighting was soft and the atmosphere was quiet and professional. The staff at SNIP in Panjim wear a uniform and look & act professional. I liked almost everything. Well, no person or business establishment is perfect and if I need to get a body massage in Panjim again, I will probably go to SNIP.

Update: I went to SNIP again after a few months and this time the lady who did the 60-minute Aroma massage for me claimed to be from Indonesia. She did not offer me any choice of aroma oil, used an oil with a funny smell and claimed that the oil was good. The massage was also half-hearted and I know the next time I go to SNIP, I will ask for a masseuse from India.

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