De Flora Spa Patong (Phuket) Menu, Prices, and Review

De Flora Spa in Patong Phuket
De Flora Spa in Patong Phuket

There are customers who do not like small massage shops for various reasons. And there are also customers who just have more money to spend. I am neither of these two types of customers but for the sake of gaining experience, I some times venture in to business establishments that I would rather avoid. Going to De Flora Spa was such a venture for me. De Flora, like I mentioned above, is located on Rat-U-Thit 200 Pee Road, a sort of a Second Road parallel to Patong Beach Road. I have given their location map below to make it easier to locate the place. The good thing is, if you located Chantara and walked a little more you will see another expensive spa – ‘Let’s Relax’ on the same side of the road as Chantara and De Flora on the other side of the road. That is three prominent massage joints within the same vicinity. In short, if you start from Jungceylon Shopping Mall, turn left after coming out of the mall, and walk for about 5 minutes, going past Christin Massage, you will see De Flora Spa on the right side of the road. Talking about expensive, and because I would not like to write a separate article on ‘Let’s Relax’, they are perhaps the most over-priced spa that I saw in Patong and even in Chiang Mai. Of course something must be good about them but having been to the comparatively less expensive De Flora, I wonder what ‘Let’s Relax’ must be doing to deserve that kind of pricing. When I asked someone about ‘Let’s Relax’, I was told that a lot of Japanese customers go there. Perhaps they advertise in some Japanese travel publications to attract that business. Anyway, I would give a comparison of ‘Let’s Relax’ pricing with that of De Flora later in this page. And the rest of this article would be devoted to De Flora Spa.

De Flora Spa Patong

De Flora functions from a premium looking multi story building that they call “A Heaven of Relaxation”. The atmosphere inside is quite peaceful really. The front desk has English Speaking staff who assist the customer in making a choice of treatment, accept payment – in cash or credit card. The massage menu is one page wide and there is another card showing the “Promotion of the Month”. The spa opens daily from 10.00am to midnight.

De Flora Spa Menu

There are about 20 types of massage treatments, about a dozen spa packages, and about 10 types of facials on offer. A 60 minute foot massage costs 500 THB, Hot Oil 800 THB, and Aromaterapy 900 THB. These prices are generally 50% above the Chantara pricing. If you choose ‘Let’s Relax’, the pricing for 60 minute foot massage will be 600 THB, and 60 minute Aromatherapy will be 1200 THB. So that makes ‘Let’s Relax’ aboyt 33% more expensive than De Flora. In addition to Foot, Oil, and Aroma massage, De Flora has Swedish, Cream, Hot Stone, etc. treatments and also a body scrub that costs 1000 THB for 60 minutes.

De Flora Spa Packages

A Steam & Sauna + Thai Massage +  Aromatherapy package costs 1800 THB for a total of 150 minutes. I guess that will be 30 minutes for Steam/Sauna, and 60 minutes each for Thai and Aroma massage. There are other packages too costing between 1500 and 2500 THB. If Steam/Sauna is replaced by a body scrub, the price of the package goes up further. Facials cost between 400 and 1600 THB. The prices are inclusive of all charges, taxes, etc.

Promotion Of The Month

Do find out about the promotion of the month from the front desk when you visit De Flora Spa.

My ‘Thai Oil’ Massage

I was not really familiar with this treatment but decided to go for it because first I wanted to see what it was and second, it cost just 600 THB for one hour. I paid 600 THB with my credit card was escorted up through the elevator. On the first floor, they made me sit on an easy chair in an open area for a foot wash. This was done by the staff who escorted me up. My masseuse appeared after the foot wash and took me to the massage room on another floor. The room was almost dark, with an en suite shower, and a high table for massage. Funny thing, there was no provision to hang my clothes so I had to keep them on a chair along with my sling bag. At that point I realised that a 60 minute Thai+Oil massage would perhaps be too quick and asked the masseuse if I could get a 90 minute session. She told me to wait and went down to call someone else. Another lady came and asked me to pay for the extra time in advance. I paid her 200 THB in cash so the total cost for my 90 minute ‘Thai Oil’ massage would be 800 THB. For 120 minutes, it would have cost 1000 THB.

The ‘Thai Oil’ massage turned out to be more Thai massage than oil. The masseuse started with a Thai massage and then in between did some rubbing with oil. It was a confused sort of session that neither felt like a proper Thai massage nor oil massage. Anyway it was my mistake for choosing the wrong treatment. I guess a Thai massage (500 THB) or a hot oil massage (800 THB) would have been better. The masseuse was talented but did not appear to have her mind into the job. She did the massage looking at the clock and I felt like having wasted my money. Still this was just one experience and that too with a wrong choice of treatment. The hospital-like massage table was another problem as with all expensive spa places. I always like getting a massage on a mattress or a low height table. Luckily the massage shops mostly have those.

I do not condemn De Flora Spa and probably they are a worthy alternative to ‘Let’s Relax’. Anyway, I now know the difference between Chantara and De Flora and may be during my next visit to Patong will just burn 1200 THB at ‘Let’s Relax’ for a 60 minute Aroma massage so that I know the point of their existence.

*All prices can change without notice, so please see the current prices at the time of your visit to the respective Spa outlets.

Location Map of De Flora Spa Patong (Phuket)

Location Map of De Flora Spa Patong
Location Map of De Flora Spa Patong
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