Best Money Exchange Rates in Pattaya

T.T. Currency Exchange Pattaya
T.T. Currency Exchange Pattaya Head Office

Pattaya’s Beach Road and Second Road are full of small money exchange shops, some belong to banks while others are non-bank exchange houses. Exchange rates across these money change shops vary too, sometimes significantly. I have seen USD buying rate for currency notes of 50-100 denomination at 34.10 in one shop and 34.60 in another nearby shop at almost the same time. These rates are not negotiable unless one is exchanging money in excess of 1000 USD. The exchange shops offering poor exchange rates to tourists are able to run their highly profitable business because it would not be possible for a tourist to go around checking exchange rates in all the shops so as to find the best exchange rates in town. Fortunately for all of us, I know where to go. In this page, I will tell you where to get the best exchange rates for your currency in Pattaya. Before I found this money changer, the only place that I had read about offering very good exchange rates in Pattaya was a jewellery shop called ‘Bank Gold’. I tried to find that place but I could never find a Tuk Tuk or a taxi that knew where Bank Gold was. Now I do not need to find Bank Gold because I have found the best place to exchange money in Pattaya that can be found very easily by any tourist.

T. T. Currency Exchange Pattaya

It is actually a chain of money exchange shops called T. T. Currency Exchange. There are several on Beach Road (one very close to Walking Street) and I spotted a few on Pattaya Second Road and also a couple on Soi Buakhao. There are several other branches of T.T. Currency Exchange in Pattaya. Earlier the name of this money changer never used to be mentioned on many of these shops so one needed to recognise them only from the color of the signage – Yellow and Black cross like pattern (see pictures below). But since the beginning of 2015, T.T. Currency Exchange’s status as the money changer offering the best exchange rates in Pattaya started getting recognised. Fortunately, T.T.’s management not only started writing their name on their exchange shops, they also started claiming to offer “Pattaya Best Rate”.

Head Office Branch of T. T. Currency Exchange

Head Office branch of T. T. Currency Exchange can be found on Pattaya Second Road close to Royal Garden Plaza. This main branch opens everyday from 9.00am to10.00pm. The main branch is also the place to go if one has to change a big amount of currency and wants to negotiate for a better rate.

T. T. Currency Exchange Pattaya Sign Board
T. T. Currency Exchange Pattaya Sign Board
T. T. Currency Exchange Second Road Pattaya Shop
T. T. Currency Exchange Second Road Pattaya Shop

All T. T. Currency shops have LCD displays showing the buy and sell exchange rates of major international currencies. The buying rates of the most common currencies such as USD, EUR, AUD, HKD, etc. are shown on paper slips pasted on the glass windows in the front of the shops. The rates keep changing as the day goes depending on the prevailing market rates. One thing is sure though, T. T. always offers the best exchange rates in Pattaya.

Benchmark Exchange Rates In Thailand

I have not seen a website of T. T. Currency Exchange. Probably they do not have one. But if one needs to get an idea of what the best exchange rates in Thailand would be like at any time, the website of the best money exchange company in Thailand has the information. If you are looking for best exchange rates in Bangkok, you need to look for Super Rich (Thailand). They have a website on which they publish updated exchange rates offered by them. This is the link: Super Rich (Thailand) Online Exchange Rates. These rates will give you an idea of what kind of exchange rates you should be getting. In Pattaya, the rates will not be as good as Super Rich (Thailand) but T.T. Currency Exchange will be closer to those than other exchange shops around. Also Read: Best Money Exchange Rates in Bangkok  and  Best Money Exchange Strategy for Travel to Thailand

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