Calypso Cabaret Show Bangkok

Calypso Cabaret Show Bangkok
Calypso Cabaret Show Bangkok

Calypso is the Bangkok version of the shows that are known as “Alcazar” and “Tiffany’s” in Pattaya. Of the three, Calypso appears as having more energy and is marketed better. The location of Calypso too has several advantages. If you want it that way, watching this show can become a part of a well planned day or half-a-day spent on and around the Chao Phraya river. For the full day plan, let us say, you start in the morning and spend the first half of the day seeing the riverside attractions like the Grand Palace, Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Temple of the Reclining Buddha, Temple of the Dawn (Wat Arun) and numerous other attractions in that area. Have lunch somewhere and then head to Khao San Road. Alternatively you can take lunch at one of the restaurants located on or around Khao San Road. You will need to take a boat to the Phra Arthit Pier (N13) and a short walk from the pier will bring you to Khao San Road. Spend the early evening there and then head back to the Phra Arthit Pier for your boar ride back to the Central Pier adjoining Saphan Taksin Skytrain Station. From the Central Pier you get a free shuttle boat of Asiatique The Riverfront Open Air Shopping Mall. Asiatique is an experience in itself. And it is also the home to Calypso Cabaret. For a half day plan, start in the afternoon, skip Khao San and come to Asiatique. These are my articles on the riverside attractions and a free boat ride on Chao Phraya river. Keep reading…

Calypso Cabaret Bangkok

Calypso Cabaret performs two shows every night at 8.15pm and 9.45pm. Their website lists a total of 19 acts in each show that include a few outright impersonations and a few inspirations. The prominent impersonations are Elvis, Beyonce, Lady Gaga while an example of the inspirations part is the Japanese Geisha. Here is the complete list:

1. Luck Be A Lady
2. Elvis
3. Beyonce
4. Lady Gaga
5. Its The Girl
6. Lulu
7. Stuff
8. Free Your Mind
9. Geisha
10. Della
11. Marilyn
12. Sing Sing Sing
13. Marriage
14. Arirang
15. All That Jazz
16. Hava Nagilla
17. Japan
18. Tui
19. Grand Finale

Basically its a transvestite show suitable for families but I think one should expect a little more skin show as compared to Alcazar and Tiffany in Pattaya.

Calypso Show at Asiatique Bangkok
Calypso Show at Asiatique Bangkok

Dinner Included For A Price

If you want, the show can be booked along with a set menu Thai dinner at an in-house Thai restaurant. The dinner has a little Thai cultural dance show of its own that you can watch as you eat. The price of the dinner gets added to the price of the show. The food is Thai and upon prior request they arrange for vegetarian and Muslim food. This has to be told to them at the time of booking of the show. Tell the agent if you are booking through an agent. And booking through an agent will likely save you some money. Let us talk about the ticket price now.

Official Ticket Prices

Fortunately, the official website of Calypso declares the official ticket prices.

– Its a comparatively small theatre having 450 seats. Seats are allotted on a random basis which is officially a first come first served policy. Hotel transfers are not included in the prices.

Show Only

– The official ticket price for the Calypso show only is 900 THB for adults and 600 THB for kids (height upto 120cm)

– The ticket price includes one drink – beer, whiskey, soft drink, tea/coffee.

Show With Dinner in Thai Restaurant

– The price for the show/dinner combo is 1500 THB for adults, and 1200 THB for kids (height upto 120cm).

– For the 8.15pm show, dinner starts at 6.30pm and for the 9.45pm show, dinner starts at 8.30pm. So, you take dinner before the show.

Discounted Ticket Prices

Allow me to clarify that the indicative ticket prices I am going to mention here are not the lowest. You may be able to find still lower ticket prices on a website or at a travel agent shop in Bangkok or even at your hotel’s front desk. Please use your discretion. I checked the ticket prices of Calypso Show for a Saturday night in June 2017 and these rates were displayed for booking:

Show Only

Adults: 765 THB
Kids: 509 THB

Show With Round trip Transfers

Adults (Min 2 adults): 934 THB
Kids: 679 THB

Show With Thai Dinner

Adults: 1274 THB
Kids: 849 THB

Show With Thai Dinner and Round trip Transfers

Adults (Min 2 adults): 1444 THB
Kids: 1019 THB

Asiatique The Riverfront Bangkok
Asiatique The Riverfront Bangkok

All prices are per person. I found these rates on the ‘hotels2thailand’ website. Calypso website link: After the show the Asiatique shuttle boat brings you to Saphan Taksin Pier from where you can take a skytrain back to your hotel. The shuttle boats do get crowded, so another option to return to your hotel is to exit Asiatique from the back side, come to the road and take a taxi to your hotel or a nearby skytrain station. Avoid tuk tuk because they will just fleece you. Taxi goes by meter and is always cheaper than a tuk tuk.

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