Expert Guided Tours: Another Way To See Thailand

khaosan Road Bangkok
khaosan Road Bangkok

There are times when even the most seasoned of travellers need some guidance. The rest of us need it all the time. But Thailand is an easy country to visit. Its so easy that Thailand’s tourist return rate is said to be over 50% when it is a mere 5% for Vietnam. Obviously Thailand is popular and there is stuff that tourists here like to see and do over and over again. To an extent, it is also possible that there is stuff that remains undiscovered no matter how many times you visit Thailand. This must be true because otherwise, a tour company like takemetour would not exist in Thailand.

Last time when I bought a DTAC Tourist SIM at Don Mueang Airport, inside the package I found a discount coupon for taking tour services from a website – takemetour. Frankly I have been on very few guided tours during my 15 or so visits to Thailand so far. Therefore, this new company did not strike me as anything different from the several others that offer overpriced guided tours in Thailand. Now after having gone through their website, I think it is possible that they do some things differently. They certainly claim to be doing so. The concept is not new in itself – tours individually guided by local experts – but may come in handy if one is thinking of venturing into areas or attractions not frequented by many tourists.


The website offers expert guided tours not only in popular cities like Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi, Pattaya, and Phuket but also in several destinations in the East, North East, North, South, and west of Thailand apart from the areas surrounding Bangkok like Hua Hin and Chanthaburi. Lately they have started their services in Cambodia and Japan too.

Tour Examples

I searched the destination “Bangkok” and set the price slider up to 700 THB and found quite a few interesting tour ideas:

(i) “Khlong Lad Mayom, The most authentic Weekend floating market of Bangkok”

A three hour “private & personal tour” (private car) at 510 THB per person. Activities – Boating, floating market.

(ii) Cycling and Eating around a peaceful district nearby Bangkok

A seven hour “private & personal tour” tour using public transport at 300 THB per person. Activities – Cycling, floating market.

(iii) Khaosan Pub Crawl

A five hour night tour that includes visits to four joints with free club entry, discounted drinks and a free tank-top, all for 300 THB per person. Main activity – Drinking.

There are dozens of tours like this in every price range, some offer private cars and some use public transport. The name and picture of the tour guide is shown along with every tour listing. Tip to the tour guide is included in the price.

Discounted Pricing

Some of the tours show a discounted price which looks like the discount offered by the tour guide (expert). The website itself may offer you some discount. When you visit the website, a chat option opens in the bottom right corner of the screen (at least on a desktop/laptop browser). That help agent on the chat may offer you a discount or even offer a customised tour for you.

The per person price is more for a single traveller but decreases as the number of persons in a booking increase. Some of the tours are offered “free of cost” but there will be expenses on food, shopping, etc. depending on the theme of the tour.

Takemetour can be really helpful if one is visiting a destination in Thailand for the first time but not for a destination like Pattaya. On the other hand, everything offered by takemetour is good for a tourist who does not like the idea of DIY travel.

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