Alcazar Show Pattaya: Prices and Where To Book

Alcazar Pattaya Show
Alcazar Pattaya Show

Alcazar is a cabaret show in Pattaya that families and kids can watch. It is a music & dance shows performed by Thai transvestite artistes. Alcazar is housed in a very visible building located on Pattaya’s Second Road towards the North end of the road. According to Google Maps, both Alcazar and Tiffany’s (the other cabaret show) are located within 650 metres of one another. Everyone in Pattaya (I mean taxi, or Baht bus drivers) knows where Alacazar and Tiffany’s are. Most of the Baht buses on Pattaya Second Road go towards the Dolphin Circle, that is the intersection linking Beach Road, Second Road, North Pattaya Road, and Naklua Road. So, if you board a Baht bus from a point around Central Festival Mall (2nd Road side), the bus will first cross the Central Pattaya Road junction and then go towards Dolphin. On the way to Dolphin, you will first come across Alcazar on the right side of the road. Another 650 metres later on the left side is Tiffany’s. You need to pay just 10 THB per person to the Baht bus driver after getting down. Do not ask “how much?”. Because if you ask, the driver may ask for 20 THB per person. In this article, I will give detailed information on Alcazar.

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Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya

Alcazar has an official website and has some useful information regarding the show timings and the acts that are performed. But there is no mention of the ticket price. This is not surprising. In Thailand, many tourism related businesses do not declare the attraction’s entry ticket / show ticket prices / fares, etc. on official websites. This is done to give the tour / travel agents a free hand in terms of pricing. So, the agent will decide how much you will pay and that is also true in case you wish to watch Alcazar show.
About the show, Alcazar was established in 1981 with a smaller building but later moved to a bigger building (the current one) with a capacity of “1200 seats” in the year 1990. The theatre now has computerised lighting, DTS sound system and 400 crew members are involved in the performances. Each show lasts for approximately 70 minutes with a total of 17 acts. The acts are as follows:

1. The Wondrous World
2. Aqua Playa
3. Ba Jang
4. Four Legendary Regions of Siam Kingdom
5. Le Jazz Hot
6. Flowers of China
7. Melayu Dance
8. Hello Vietnam
9. Persian Dance
10. Lola Want Love
11. Dance With Me
12. Arirang Drums & Fans Dance
13. Oppa It Just My Style (Korean Pop Dance)
14. Boogie Wonderland
15. One Man Woman
16. The World Is Not Enough
17. Fabulous Russia

Show Timings

According to the website there are four daily shows at 17:00, 18:30, 20:00, and 21:30. Now this should be correct in the busy tourist season but in the lean months of July to September, the early evening show (17:00) may get cancelled. You will know at the time of booking.

Entry Ticket Price

Apparently there is the official ticket price of 800 THB for Standard Seats and 1000 THB for VIP Seats. According to the official website, there are no “Deluxe” seats. So when a travel agent or a travel website tells you about Deluxe seats, they are just lying. The unofficial “deluxe” seats are actually Standard seats on the ground floor. The agent who wishes to sell “deluxe” seats will refer to the seats in the balcony as “Standard” seats. The truth is, everything except the VIP seats is “standard” and has the same price. The first seven rows of seats from the stage are “VIP” rows. The discounted ticket prices sold by agents cost up to 550 THB for standards seats and up to 650 THB for VIP seats. You can buy tickets online from ‘hotels2thailand’ website at the price of 553 THB for a standard seat and 638 THB for a VIP seat. The prices may vary, so do the search on the hotels2thailand website for the desired date. Many other online websites and travel agents on the ground in Pattaya sell entry tickets to Alcazar show. There is a lot of competition among agents so the prices are always negotiable. The  ticket prices indicated above are entry ticket prices only and do not include hotel transfers. Actually the access to the theatre is so easy that you will not actually need hotel transfers. Just hop onto a Baht bus. Do clarify about hotel transfers when buying a ticket from a travel agent.

Alcazar Contact Information

Alcazar Co., Ltd.
78/14 Pattaya 2nd Road,
Pattaya City , 20150 – Thailand
+66 (0) 81 6834095
+66 (0) 81 5259933
+66 (0) 83 1178181
+66 (0) 38 425425
+66 (0) 38 422220
+66 (0) 38 410224-7
Fax: +66 (0) 38 411599

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