AIS Traveller/Tourist SIM Thailand: Where To Buy, How To Use

AIS Thailand Traveller SIM
AIS Thailand Traveller SIM

AIS is one of the three mobile companies in Thailand that sell tourist-specific SIM cards at Thai airports, such as Bangkok DMK and Suvarnabhumi, Phuket, Krabi, Samui, and Chiang Mai. The other two companies are True and DTAC. The prices of the tourist SIM cards of all the three brands are similar but there are differences in the features. To know the exact offerings on DTAC and True SIM, please visit these pages: Tourist SIM by True Move, DTAC Happy Tourist SIM. Personally, I have never used an AIS SIM. Their SIM offering looks more complicated than the other brands. For the features of AIS Traveller SIM, please read on…

AIS Traveller SIM

AIS Traveller SIM is also sold as “AIS Lucky SIM.” It is sold in three variants: 49 THB, 299 THB, and 599 THB. All the three SIM variants have some pre-loaded talk value, cheap IDD calls, and some other features that I will write in detail here. Only the 299 THB SIM variant is available at Thai airports. Other variants can be bought from the company shops in Thai cities. I have written these articles on SIM card availability:

AIS SIM Card Shop at Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok
AIS SIM Card Shop at Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok


This SIM has a 15 THB call credit valid for 30 days, 7-days free WeChat valid from the date of SIM activation, and 7-days free AIS WiFi. One can add any data package to the SIM but according to the company website, all top-up packages on this SIM will have data speed throttled at 364 Kbps. This looks like a funny condition that I have not seen on the other mobile brands – DTAC and True. Again, if the company website is to be believed, you will not be able to buy this SIM at the airport.


This SIM variant appears to be the best among the three AIS variants and is also available at the airport shops. The SIM comes pre-loaded with a 100 THB call credit valid for 30 days, unlimited data for 8 days (max speed only up to 3 GB), and free AIS WiFi for 7 days. WeChat use is also free for 7 days starting from the date of the SIM activation. This SIM variant is available at AIS airport shops.


Apart from 100 THB call credit for 30 days, this SIM has unlimited internet for 15 days (max speed only up to 6 GB). There is no mention of free WeChat or free WiFi on the website. Maybe they just neglected to mention it on the website or maybe there is no free WiFi or WeChat. Funny again. I am happy that I never bought AIS.

Cheap IDD Calls

AIS has three types of IDD call rates: Premium quality, Save & Crystal Clear quality, and Super Saving Rates quality. To use the premium IDD service, you need to dial “+” and the country code followed by the phone number. For Save & Crystal Clear, dial 003+country code+phone number. For the Super Saving rates, dial 00300+country code+phone number.

The Super Saving Rates are available for calling phones in 8 countries only which is another factor that makes AIS SIM inferior to DTAC and True.

AIS IDD Super Saving Rates
Must Dial 00300+country code+number
(As seen on the company website)

CountryFixed Line
(Baht Per Minute)
Mobile Phone
(Baht Per Minute)
Hong Kong11

Data Packages

You can buy add-on data packages after the initial free data on the SIM is used-up:

1-Day Unlimited: 50 THB, max speed up to 160 MB thereafter 64 Kbps. Activation code: *777*7081#

10-Days Unlimited: 270 THB, max speed up to 1.5 GB thereafter 64 Kbps. Activation code: *777*7082#

15-Days Unlimited: 690 THB, max speed up to 3 GB thereafter 64 Kbps. Activation code: *777*7083#

*Please confirm activation codes from an AIS official source before using it.

Check Balance

To check balance and validity of an AIS SIM, dial *121#.


The official AIS website appears to have incomplete or inaccurate information about the tourist SIM cards. There are errors that could be easily spotted and corrected. The SIM cards on offer appear to have fewer benefits as compared to those from DTAC and True. I do not know about the AIS network quality but I have extensively used DTAC and True SIM cards and both worked good.

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