Free Shuttle Buses in Macau

Wynn Macau Shuttle Bus
Wynn Macau Shuttle Bus

The one thing I love about Macau is its vast network of free shuttle buses that are operated by the city’s major hotel and casino resorts. The shuttle buses pick-up visitors from the airport, the ferry terminals, Border Gate, and Lotus Port and take them to their hotels anywhere in Macau. Later, at the end of their visit, the tourists can take another free shuttle to go to their respective transit points. Additionally, free shuttle buses take passengers from one casino belonging to a business group to another casino of that same group. That is not the end. When in Taipa, you will see another shuttle bus service called ‘Cotai Connection’. This service takes a circular route to connect all the major casino resorts in Cotai Taipa so that tourists can go from one casino to the other without walking too much.

Macau also has public buses and taxi services. But it is entirely possible to complete an entire visit to Macau without having to spend a single penny on any public bus or taxi. You will always have a shuttle bus waiting for you at a short walk away. You do not need to be staying in or going to the hotel or the casino that is operating the shuttle bus. Usually the shuttle bus staff or the driver will not ask you where you are going. They will keep your bag in the bag storage area of the bus and give it back to you at the destination, even if you are going to a different hotel. For example, during most of my trips to Macau, I stay in one of the hotels near Senado Square in Macau Peninsula. And my hotel does not have a free shuttle from the airport. What I do is, I board the Wynn Macau shuttle bus from the airport. The staff keep my bag in the storage. I am not staying at Wynn Macau and they never ask me. It is a 20-25 minute ride to Wynn Macau. After reaching there, I collect my bag and take the next 10-15 minute walk to my hotel. It’s really easy, and in the process I save almost 120 HKD on the taxi fare.

All shuttle buses are air-conditioned, have very comfortable seats, and some even have free Wi-Fi on board. The maximum number of persons allowed on shuttle buses is limited. No standees are allowed. Shuttle bus staff can deny boarding to anyone or allow priority boarding to someone as per rules.

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Major Shuttle Bus Timings and Routes

Shuttle bus services usually close after midnight except for the guests of some big casino resorts who will still drop their guests to the transit points after midnight. Some shuttle services close even at 6:00pm or earlier on certain days of he week. The morning starting time for shuttle services is usually 9:00am, with some shuttle services starting early at 8:00am. Now, let us see the major shuttle bus routes, schedules, and boarding points in Macau:

Macau Airport

AirAsia Plane at Macau International Airport
AirAsia Plane at Macau International Airport

Macau Airport To Central District (Peninsula):

Hotels Near Fisherman’s Wharf

If your hotel is Sands Macau, Harbourview, Grand Lapa, Jai Alai, Casa Real, Golden Dragon, Waldo, Rio, or another hotel in that area, you may have to take two shuttle buses to reach your hotel. From the airport, take the shuttle bus of Sands Cotai Central or Venetian Macau or Parisian Macau. After you reach there, shift to their shuttle bus going to Sands Macau. Once at Sands Macau, you may need to walk up to 10 minutes to reach your hotel. Though Sands Macau does not publish a direct shuttle from/to Macau Airport, if you are staying at that hotel, they will provide airport transfers as per your booking conditions.

Second Option

The second option to go from Macau airport to a hotel near Macau Fisherman’s Wharf is to use the shuttle bus of Galaxy Macau. From the airport, go to Galaxy Macau. After you reach Galaxy Macau, shift to their shuttle going to Hotel StarWorld. Once you are at Hotel StarWorld, you need to walk to your hotel which may take another 10-15 minutes.

Hotels Near StarWorld

A hotel near StarWorld Hotel also means you are near Hotel Metropark, Holiday Inn, Wynn Macau, MGM Macau, Lisboa/Grand Lisboa, Guia Hotel, Hotel Royal Macau, etc. The best option to get there from Macau Airport is to board a shuttle bus of either Wynn Macau or MGM Macau. Sometimes Wynn and MGM combine shuttle bus services from the airport to their properties in Cotai with those in the Peninsula. So, the MGM or Wynn shuttle bus from the airport will first go to MGM Cotai or Wynn Palace in Taipa and then continue towards MGM Macau and Wynn Macau respectively. You can keep sitting on the bus at the intermediate stop. The total time for this route will take 35-40 minutes. A direct shuttle bus will take 20-25 minutes.

Hotels Near Senado Square

The best budget hotels in Macau are located near Senado Square which is another 15 minute walk from Wynn Macau. In case your hotel happens to be there, such as London Hotel, Tai Sam Un, Best Western Sun Sun, Sintra, Metropole, Emperor, Towns Well, Holiday Hotel, Fu Hua, Hou Kong, Macau Masters, etc., your best option will be to board a shuttle bus of Wynn Macau or MGM Macau from the airport. From Wynn Macau, it will be a further walk of 10-20 minutes depending on the location of your specific hotel. Other large hotels in this area, such as Grand Lisboa, Ponte 16, etc. do not operate shuttle buses from/to the airport.

Macau Airport To Cotai Strip Taipa

Going to a hotel on Cotai Strip from Macau airport is easy because almost all major hotels on the strip – Galaxy Macau, Studio City, Wynn Palace, MGM Cotai, City of Dreams, Sands Cotai Central, Venetian, and Parisian – have shuttle services connecting Macau airport:

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Macau Ferry Terminal

Macau Ferry Terminal
Macau Ferry Terminal

Macau Ferry Terminal is the best transit point in Macau in terms of shuttle bus availability to any part of Macau. From here, you will get a free shuttle bus to go to Cotai Strip in Taipa, hotels near Fisherman’s Wharf, or even to hotels near Senado Square in Macau Peninsula.

Macau Ferry Terminal To Cotai

Board any of these direct shuttle bus services:

Macau Ferry Terminal To Fisherman’s Wharf

Sands Macau is located right next to Fisherman’s Wharf. See the location of your hotel, it may be closer to Sands or to Hotel StarWorld. You can choose your shuttle bus accordingly.

Macau Ferry Terminal To Hotel Near Senado Square

Senado Square is located in the middle of Grand Lisboa and Ponte 16. However, your hotel may still be closer to one of these two. Also, you may choose to take the first available shuttle and walk to your hotel from where the shuttle drops you.

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Taipa Ferry Terminal

Taipa Ferry Terminal has fewer shuttle bus services as compared to Macau Ferry Terminal but still, you will get a connecting shuttle to get to your hotel if not a direct one.

Taipa Ferry Terminal To Cotai

As you will see from the list below, you will most likely get a direct shuttle from Taipa Ferry Terminal to your hotel in Cotai:

Taipa Ferry Terminal To Macau Peninsula

These are the only two shuttle bus services that I could find between Taipa Ferry Terminal and Macau Peninsula:

Border Gate

Border Gate is a well connected transit point in Macau as far as the free shuttle bus services are concerned.

Border Gate To Cotai

Border Gate to Hotel Near Fisherman’s Wharf

Sands Macau is located right next to Fisherman’s Wharf. See the location of your hotel, it may be closer to Sands or to Hotel StarWorld. You can choose your shuttle bus accordingly.

Border Gate To Hotels Near Senado Square

I could find only one shuttle bus service between Border Gate and Senado Square, and that is of Ponte 16. However, if you are willing to walk a little, both MGM Macau and Wynn Macau have shuttle services to Border Gate.

Lotus Port

Lotus Port To Cotai Hotels

These hotels in Cotai provide shuttle services to Lotus Port:

Lotus Port To Peninsula

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Cotai Connection

Cotai Connection Shuttle Bus in Macau
Cotai Connection Shuttle Bus in Macau

Cotai Connection shuttle buses take visitors from MGM Cotai and back via Wynn Palace, Galaxy Macau, Venetian, Studio City, Sands Cotai Central, and City of Dreams. These buses operate from 11:30am to 9:30pm every day at 15 minute intervals. Cotai Connection becomes a very busy route during Saturday and Sunday, because of which the wait times at boarding points can be very long, even more than one hour.

As you will get the idea from reading this article, sometimes using free shuttle buses will take some thinking, particularly when no direct or nearby shuttle bus is available. But with a little effort, a short walk, etc., it is possible. I do it, and so can you.

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