How To Save Money on Your Next Hotel

Tourist in a Bangkok Hotel
Tourist in a Bangkok Hotel

There is competition among hotels and hotel booking sites. But are we always taking advantage of this competition when we book hotel rooms? Many times we don’t because we usually stick to one hotel or just one hotel booking site. We never come to know when our favourite hotel booking site starts to rip us off because we are just too lazy to look for a better price at other booking sites. So, how to fix this problem?

The Power of Meta Hotel Search

It is simple. When searching for a hotel, do not search on just one booking site, but instead use a meta hotel search. The meta search will go through thousands of booking sites to find you that perfect room at the lowest price. All you have to do is just one easy search and the meta search engine will do the rest for you. The meta search engine that I am going to suggest here is the best in the world, can find a hotel anywhere in the world, and you do not pay any fee to use the service. It’s all free. Try HotelsCombined Meta Hotel Search now!

Smarter Booking

Already using a meta hotel search? Well, congratulations! Here are a few additional tips to get the most out of your meta hotel search.

Sort the Results

When the search results are presented on your screen, do use the “Sort by” option. You may see options like “Recommended by us”, “Price”, “Stars”, and “Guest Rating”, etc. Click the option that meets your need.

Choose ‘Tax Included’ Rates

At first, you may see meta search results “excluding taxes”. It is a better idea to switch the rates to “including taxes”. In HotelsCombined Meta Hotel Search, you will see this option at the top right side of the results. Once you click “including taxes”, the results page will refresh and will show the actual hotel rates that you will have to pay.

Look For ‘Free Cancellation’ / ‘Pay Later’ Options

Some results will include words like “Free Cancellation” and/or “Pay Later.” These are very useful options for a tourist because sometimes our plans change.

Filter The Results

You may like to filter the results using the filter options given on the page. Look for the filter link in a mobile browser. On a desktop screen, the filter options are available on the left side. You may use filters like a price range, hotel features, and guest rating, etc.

Ready To Give It A Try?

Visit HotelsCombined Meta Hotel Search now!

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