Tripit Travel Organizer: Remember All Travel Plans

Tripit Mobile App
Tripit Mobile App

If you travel as much as I do, you will certainly need a service like ‘Tripit’. Actually we all do travel bookings well in advance and when there are just too many things to remember, some of those get slipped out of memory. On two occasions I have booked two different hotels for the same night, once in Siem Reap and once in Goa. In Siem Reap I could not cancel the extra hotel booking because both bookings were non-refundable. Good thing that hotels are always cheap in Siem Reap. My recent double hotel booking in Goa did not cost me extra money because I cancelled one of the two well in time, but it sure forced me to start looking for an online travel reminder service. I needed something where I would be able to store my air travel and hotel booking information for future retrieval and if possible, get some timely reminders too. A quick Google search brought up a few choices out of which I decided to try ‘Tripit’ because it looked like just what I needed. Basic version of ‘Tripit’ is totally free.

What Is ‘Tripit’? is a website and also a smartphone app (Apple and Google). Its a very basic, plain looking online service where members can store and retrieve their past and future trips. The trips can be stored either on the website or on a smartphone app and as long as you have used a common email id to register on both, all the information will be available on both web and the app because of automatic background syncing. A few days before your next trip is to start, ‘Tripit’ sends a gentle reminder of the same on your email id.

What Information Can Be Stored?

The initial trip creation is a very simple operation because all you can enter is the name of the destination (picked from a drop down menu), the start and end dates of the trip, the name of the trip, and a few details as comments. After a trip is created, you get several more options, that ‘Tripit’ calls as “Plans”. Once you create a trip and then view it, you get to add “Plans” which can be travel specific – flights, car rental, rail bookings, cruises, other transportation or Activity “Plans” like hotels, meetings, entertainment, restaurants, parking, etc. There are a few other options to add maps, directions, and notes, etc. The information that can be added under each of these plans is exhaustive. The interface to enter all this is simple too on both the website and the app. Just open an existing trip and click on “Add a Plan”. To retrieve information, just view your trips which appear in a list. Click on a trip and the rest of the details appear.

Add Information Automatically

If you do not fancy the idea of manually entering all the information to your trips, you may just forward your travel booking emails from your registered email id to and ‘Tripit’ “will take care of the rest”. This is not so functional in practice though. Apparently, ‘Tripit’ cannot read attachments to emails and only the information contained in the message is decoded. Success rate of adding plans by forwarding emails to ‘Tripit’ is less than 100%, so manual editing / addition will always be needed. I am still happy with ‘Tripit’. There is another option of linking your email id so that ‘Tripit’ will read your email to fetch all your travel bookings. I don’t know if I will use this option.

Sharing on Social Media

You can tweak the settings in ‘Tripit’ to publish your travel plans to social media (LinkedIn, Facebook) and calendar applications. You can link up with your friends who are also on ‘Tripit’ and share with them or even use ‘Tripit for Teams’ (paid service) to simplify team travel. Tripit’s potential is unlimited, I think this service will keep growing.

What Is Tripit Pro?

‘Tripit Pro’ is a paid version of ‘Tripit’ that offers a few extra features for a monthly charge of a little over USD 4 (payable on annual basis). It includes flight tracking, seat tracking (if a better seat is available), some VIP benefits like discounts on lounge programs, etc. In my humble opinion, ‘Tripit’ Free is good enough. There is not much in the Pro version to justify the expenditure for budget travelers like us.

Keep Adding Info

Once you get ‘Tripit’, do not forget all your new bookings and plans to it. It takes a few extra minutes after each booking but saves the bother of remembering everything.

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