Why You Cannot Trust OYO Rooms in India

Oyo Rooms at Hotel Republica Panjim
Oyo Rooms at Hotel Republica Panjim

I spent three nights in an OYO Rooms hell so that I could I bring these facts to you. Before this I have stayed in a sub-standard OYO room in Candolim Goa and after I published that story in another blog of mine, I was contacted by OYO Rooms, they apologised, offered me a Rs. 1000 voucher for the next booking, and tried to make me believe that the problems experienced by me in their Candolim hotel were just an exception. Now after staying in another OYO property in Panjim Goa, I know that OYO Rooms actually have no control over what happens at the OYO Rooms on the ground. I also discovered that the people at OYO Rooms get concerned only when something bad about OYO Rooms get published. But when a customer of OYO Rooms complains directly to them, such complaints are never taken seriously. I know this because my complaint to OYO Rooms was ignored as if it was just a matter of routine. In this page you will read why OYO’s promises of spotless white linen, hygienic bathrooms, and free WiFi are just false promises.

I booked three nights in the OYO Rooms called “OYO Rooms Near Crown Casino Panjim” which are located in “Hotel Republica”. My idea of staying here was to be close to Casino Deltin Royale which is located very close to Crown Casino. This Hotel Republica’s building is kind of below Hotel Crown.

Welcome To OYO Rooms At Hotel “Hell” Republica

According to the owner, this hotel had entered into a pact with OYO Rooms immediately after opening. All the available rooms in the hotel are sold by OYO. The hotel has non-A.C. rooms but those are “unavailable”. I guess those unavailable rooms are presently occupied by ghosts because this building is like 100 years old. The first room they took me to was not ready even after 3.00pm. The used soap, shampoo etc. left by the previous guests were still there in the bathroom. The hotel’s boy told me that the room had been cleaned but they had forgotten to remove the used soap. Even the bed did not seem clean. I asked for a change and then they showed me another room that according to the front office guy was being saved for three guests arriving later. But then they decided to give me that room.

This supposedly cleaned room had used pillow covers which were not replaced after the last guest checked out. They were dirty and had human hair all over. When I asked the boy to change the pillow covers, he insisted that the covers had been changed. Later he changed the pillow covers but the “new” ones also did not seem unused. The bed cover had stains on it like someone had kept wet tea/coffee mugs on it. One of the two towels had big stains of all colors, shapes and sizes and I was not able to guess where those stains could have come from. The other towel was free of stains, perhaps not used by the previous guest.

Leaky bathroom At OYO Rooms Hotel Republica Panjim Goa
Leaky bathroom At OYO Rooms Hotel Republica Panjim Goa

The bathroom’s shower head was continuously leaking and causing the whole floor in the bathroom to be wet. I did not expect them to be able to resolve that problem. The water heater was small, quick heating type and resulted in almost boiling water. The mixer was faulty and hence the choice was between using boiling hot water or cold water. The promised free Wi-Fi was available only at the reception counter and that too was very slow. There was no chairs for guests at the reception. And these are not even the really serious problems in OYO Rooms here. Read on to know why I call this hotel hell.

The OYO Rooms Hell

1. The toilet seat in the bathroom had a funny “Sanitized for your protection” paper band. Here it was a criminal band too because when I lifted the seat I was greeted by the real character of OYO Rooms in India. Inside, the toilet had not even been flushed by the previous guest or the staff who used it. Forget about sanitizing, they had put the criminal band on the toilet without even flushing it.

2. On the third day, after my room was “cleaned” by them, the bed linen used by me for the last two days was still left on the bed. I am not even sure if that bed linen was used only by me or by the previous guest as well.

3. The two used towels left by me on the room floor were picked up by the housekeeping staff, folded and kept back on my bed for use on the third day. No I think it is entirely possible that in this OYO Rooms hell, they are not even giving used bed linen to the guests but even the unwashed towels used by the previous guests.

OYO Rooms’ False Promises

OYO Rooms had made false promises of spotless white linen, hygienic bathrooms, and free Wi-Fi in this hotel. The promised free breakfast was one aloo paratha, a small bowl of curd, and tea or coffee. On the third day, the aloo tasted bad like they were using those mashed a few days back and kept in the fridge.

Hotel Owner’s Response

I told about these issues to the guy at the front desk and he apparently called the owner who was away in Delhi. The owner called me just before my check-out and said that he was not able to find any good staff locally for the hotel and was in Delhi looking for staff. So, OYO Rooms had quickly put up their name on this hotel without even checking whether or not any qualified staff was available there.

OYO Rooms’ First Response

I sent a complaint to OYO Rooms through their website and after a couple of hours a moron from OYO called me. Obviously he had not read my complaint and asked me what the problem was. When I told him that I had already sent my detailed complaint, he immediately said that he apologized for the inconvenience and that was the end of it. There was no need to read my complaint. Now when this article gets published and I link it on Twitter, I am expecting someone from OYO to contact me. It is now 100% clear that they do not even read complaints sent to them by customers. But when the complaints come in the public domain, they contact the customer and offer a Rs. 1000 discount voucher for the next booking. The actual problem here is bigger. OYO Rooms is making promises to their customers when they actually have no control over what the hotel owners managing OYO’s rooms are doing.

OYO Rooms’ Final Response

As expected, after I tweeted the link to this article, I was contacted by OYO. They made furious promises of an “immediate investigation by the city team”, made me wait for three days and then came back with their decision. They concluded that because I had not escalated any of the issues to them during my stay at the hotel, it was all my fault. In a way, I also believe that it was my fault. After all, it was I who had booked an OYO room.