40 THB For A Vegan / Vegetarian Meal In Pattaya

40 THB vegetarian Meal in Pattaya
40 THB vegetarian Meal in Pattaya

It is generally a great feeling to be able to find good vegan or vegetarian food in Pattaya. And if one can find it for a mere 40 THB, what would you call that? I would call it a blessing. Of course, vegetarian Indian food is available at countless Indian restaurants all over Pattaya. Sadly, the quality of food at many, if not most, Indian restaurants in Pattaya is not good. And the prices are too high. In some places like ‘Saras Indian Vegetarian’ in Royal Garden Plaza, Indian food can be outright horrible where they serve weeks old food at exorbitant prices. After my September, 2018 experience at Saras, I try to avoid eating Indian food in Pattaya. With that policy of mine, I find propositions like this really good 40 THB vegetarian meal really attractive. Let me tell you where you can find it…

Terminal 21 Pattaya Food Court (3rd Floor)

Food Court on 3rd Floor of Terminal 21 Pattaya

Terminal 21 is the newest shopping mall to have opened in Pattaya in the year 2018. To get there, just hop on to any Baht bus on Pattaya Second Road and get down at Dolphin Circle. Dolphin is the junction where Beach Road, Naklua Road, North Pattaya Road, and Second Road meet.

Terminal 21 is perhaps the best shopping mall in Pattaya, with indoor attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, themed shopping floors, and shops to satisfy all needs. Their 3rd floor food court is an attraction too and for many tourists and locals, is the sole reason for going to this mall. If you have been to Terminal 21 in Bangkok, you should already know what to expect. It is just that the food court in Terminal 21 Pattaya is a little smaller as compared to the one in Bangkok. Read about 40 THB vegetarian meal at Terminal 21 Bangkok here.

Find Cash Card Counter

Cash Card Counter Terminal 21 Food Court Pattaya

You cannot miss this counter while heading to the food court. Deposit some money, like 100 THB and take a card with a stored value of the same amount. You will need this card to pay for food at all shops in the food court. Later, while leaving the food court, you take refund of the unused amount from the same counter.

The Vegetarian Food Counter – Shop Number 10

Enter the food court and find this shop. It is not hard to find since you already know the shop number.

Choose Your Food

Vegetarian Food in Terminal 21 Pattaya Food Court

A serving of rice is a part of every meal by default. You have to choose two or three curries from the dozen or so on display. If you choose only two curries, you pay 30 THB (rice + 2 curries) and if you choose three curries, you pay a total of 40 THB.

Food Quality

The quality of food is good, especially for the price. However, as compared to the similar outlet in Terminal 21 Bangkok, the food in Pattaya is a little less hot. Maybe they do not have so much demand here, so the food remains on the shelves longer. Quantity-wise also, I found the servings to be a little smaller as compared to Bangkok. But still, all you are paying is 40 THB. Compare it to an Indian restaurant in Pattaya where they may charge you 40 THB for a single plain roti.

More Information

Terminal 21 Pattaya is open everyday from 11:00am to 11:00pm. However, if you are going to the food court looking for vegetarian food, better go before 9:00pm because they will close for the day once their food is all sold. Take-away is possible for an extra 5 THB packing charge.

More Options in Pattaya

Good vegan / vegetarian food is available in Pattaya at these places too:

Five Star J, South Pattaya Road

Living Food Cafe Near Dolphin Circle

Basil Thai Kitchen Beach Road

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