Vegan Food at Living Food Cafe Pattaya: Timings, Menu, and Prices

Living Food Cafe at Rasayana Retreat Pattaya
Living Food Cafe at Rasayana Retreat Pattaya

Living Food Cafe at Rasayana Retreat is one of the few places in Pattaya where vegan food is available. It is located near Dolphin Circle on North Pattaya Road. Dolphin Circle is where Pattaya Second Road meets North Pattaya Road. It is also the junction where Terminal 21 Mall is located. To get to Living Food cafe, start walking from Dolphin Circle on North Pattaya Road on the left side of the road (opposite side of Terminal 21) and you will be in front of Rasayana Retreat within a minute. Rasayana Retreat has a spa where all the typical Thai massage treatments are available, although at a high price, it has a detox program, and of course it has the Living Food Cafe where you can have really good vegan food. The place is open everyday from 10:00am to 10:00pm and their phone number is 038 253 894.

The Lobby of Rasayana Retreat in Pattaya

Living Food is Raw Food

According to the menu of the cafe, “in their raw form, plant foods are the richest sources of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that cleanse and strengthen our bodies from the inside out. Raw Food cuisine is prepared using only fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds that have not been heated above 42 degrees Celsius.”

The cafe also claims as under:

  1. The food here does not contain meat, wheat, dairy, processed or pasteurized foods.
  2. Organic produce is used wherever possible.
  3. Only cold-pressed oils are used.
  4. R.O. water is used.
  5. High quality ingredients are used in the food.
  6. The juices are made using a low-heat, masticating juicer that slowly extracts juice without over-oxygenation.
  7. The cafe grows their sprouts and wheat grass in-house.

No Wheat?

Note that the menu says “No wheat”, yet there are noodles, pasta, pizza, and sandwiches on the menu. Won’t it be interesting to find out how those are made? This is yet another reason to visit Raw Food Cafe.

Menu and Pricing

Cacao Power Smoothie Bowl at Living Food Cafe Pattaya

Living Food Cafe’s menu is huge and will surprise the first time visitor. After the few pages of an elaborate introduction to living food, the food listing starts with Smoothie Bowls. You can see the “Cacao Power” smoothie in the picture above. There are two others – “Tropical Green” and “Acai-Mazing.” The “Cacao Power” smoothies is made from cacao powder, coconut meat, bananas, and maca. The toppings on this smoothie are chopped almonds, coconut flakes, strawberry sauce*, cacao nibs, and goji berries.

(*I looked very hard at the smoothie that I was served, but I could not find any strawberry sauce on it. May be the ingredient was not in stock at the time or they just forgot to add it. Whatever was the reason, this is to be expected. When a restaurant has a huge menu and several ingredients in each item on the menu, some of the ingredients get missed while preparing food.)

My Cacao Power smoothie cost 190 THB and despite the price, I felt good having spent some money on health food.

Juices, Cocktails, More Smoothies, and Other Beverages

There are several variants of veggie juices and fruit juices (132 THB each) such as “Green Juice” and “Thai Fruit Combo”. Regular smoothies cost 154 THB each and there are some other drinks such as “Rasayana Tea Pot” at 100 THB. There are also a few “Wheat Grass Cocktails” at 154 THB each.


Starter menu has mock sushi (180+ THB), tacos, nachos, and spring rolls, all upwards of 180 THB.

Salads & Soups

There are about ten variants of salads starting at 198 THB. Soups cost about the same as salads and come in seven varieties.


All of these cost upwards of 200 THB. This part of the menu gives a hint of where the wheat-free breads come from. One of the sandwiches says “our famous raw sunflower onion flat bread”. “Shiitake Sandwich” (242 THB), “Live Pizza” (242 THB), and “Spaghetti & Nut Balls” (220 THB) are some examples of this part of the menu.


Pies and cakes all costing 198 THB are available in four variants, example “Carrot Cake”.

Dining Area in Living Food Cafe at Rasayana Retreat Pattaya

The Service Charge Question

The printed menu at the restaurant says that all prices are inclusive of service charge.

Value For Money

This food is total value for money, considering how much one has to pay for “vegetarian food” in Indian restaurants in Pattaya. I have actually stopped eating at Indian restaurants in Thailand after Saras Pattata cheated me by serving me horribly stale food. And they charged me 350 THB. I will happily pay 220 THB for a dish at Living food cafe.

Other Options

Five Star J

Another good option for vegan food in Pattaya is Five Star J on South Pattaya Road. That one has “cooked food” if you are interested in trying something other than raw.

Basil Thai Kitchen

Basil Thai Kitchen on Beach Road is a Thai food restaurant and most of their menu is non-vegetarian but there are a few vegetarian dishes.

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