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How To Book Cheap Flight Tickets: 100% Working Trick

How I saved 35% on a domestic flight booking with Skyscanner!

Who doesn’t want to book cheap flights or hotels when planning to travel? I know, I sometimes spend hours to book just one trip, looking for ways to reduce the cost of my travel. With my experience, I can now do my hotel and flight bookings at the lowest possible prices. Recently, while doing a domestic flight booking, I was able to save a whopping 35% when no booking site was offering that discount. Here’s how I did it:

How I Saved 35% On A Domestic Flight Ticket

Before any of my readers gets this doubt, let me clarify. This is not an affiliate marketing post. I will not give any affiliate or other link in this article for you to click. I will recommend an app here, but I am doing it only to help my fellow travelers save some money while booking flight tickets.

I Used Skyscanner

The flight I was searching cost ₹6850 no matter which booking site I tried. I searched Goibibo, Cleartrip, and EaseMyTrip, and the price was the same ₹6850 everywhere. It was more expensive than how much it usually is. Naturally, I was hesitant to make the booking. Then it occurred to me, maybe I could try Skyscanner to find another option.

To my surprise, Skyscanner showed me the same flight at an all-inclusive price of ₹4444, available on one of the three booking sites I mentioned above. Some booking sites were offering a small discount on Skyscanner, while some others were still showing the regular price of ₹6850. Only one particular site showed ₹4444 (all-inclusive.)

It was difficult to believe, but when I clicked the Skyscanner link and went to that site, it was true. I was able to make that booking at an all-inclusive price of ₹4444. There was more, the low price came with two added benefits – free seat selection, and a free snack onboard.

See Live Proof of Cheap Ticket Booking on Skyscanner In This Video

What Is The Secret?

That particular booking site had offered me an “SME” fare via Skyscanner, which they were not offering directly on their own website.

It worked for me, but I am not saying that you will get SME fares every time you do a search on Skyscanner. All I am saying is that you will get special low-price offers from individual booking sites, SME fare or otherwise.

How Skyscanner Works?

Skyscanner does a metasearch, meaning it does a simultaneous flight search on dozens of booking sites and then displays the fares sorted by “Low To High”, showing the lowest fare offered by any booking site at the top of the list.

The booking sites know that they are competing against dozens of other sites, because of which they try to offer their lowest fares when the flight search is coming via a metasearch engine.

The special low fares are available only if you go to the booking site by clicking or tapping the link on Skyscanner. It is worth a try, actually it is worth a try every time you want to do a flight booking, domestic or international. You never know when you will hit a jackpot.

Again, this is not an affiliate marketing post. There are other apps/websites similar to Skyscanner that you can use. I use Skyscanner.

See Live Proof of Skyscanner Saving Money

Thank you for reading.

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