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Best Tourist SIM Card In Singapore: M1 SGD14 SIM

An SGD 14 SIM that comes with 100 GB of roaming data and more features.

If you are traveling to Singapore and wondering which prepaid Data SIM will be right for you, this article has the answer. You will also know the benefits, including the data roaming feature of this card, the activation process, and where to buy it.

M1 SGD 14 Tourist SIM

During my visit to Singapore in March 2024, I found the SGD 14 Tourist SIM from M1 to be the best value SIM for tourists in Singapore. It came with 100 GB of data for 30 days, and not only that, all the 100 GB data could also be used in Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Since I was traveling to Singapore and Malaysia on the same trip, this was the best bargain for me. I did not have to buy a separate SIM in Malaysia.

SIM Features

Apart from 100 GB of roaming data, the SIM card was preloaded with 1000 minutes of local talk time, 20 minutes of international calls, and 500 local text messages.

I used the roaming data in Malaysia (Genting Highlands and Kuala Lumpur) and it worked just like a local data SIM. Really great value.

Where To Buy

7-Eleven Shop on Geylang Road in Singapore
7-Eleven Shop on Geylang Road in Singapore

According to M1, the SIM can be purchased at SIM shops located in the arrival area of Singapore’s Changi Airport. However, even the M1 SIM shop there did not have this particular SIM in stock.

I was able to buy it in the city, at a 7-Eleven shop on Geylang Road. If a flyer from M1 is displayed at the shop’s door, then probably they sell it. Sometimes, even a 7-Eleven shop may tell you that the SIM is out of stock. In that case, just go to a different 7-Eleven nearby and try there.

Activation Process

The 7-Eleven shop will just hand you a SIM package. They will not activate it. You have to do it yourself on a special website. I did it using my hotel’s free Wi-Fi.

The website to activate M1 prepaid SIM card is: This link will open when you are in Singapore, but may not open while surfing from another country.

To activate your SIM, you will have to upload a scan of your passport, and also the barcode from the SIM package. Do not open the SIM package before activating the SIM because while opening the SIM package, the barcode gets damaged.

Activation is immediate, and after installing the SIM in your phone, you may download the M1 Prepaid App to monitor usage of the SIM.

It is actually straightforward. I did not have any difficulty in activating the SIM myself.

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Please Share Your Opinion

Please share your experience of buying and using this M1 SIM by writing a comment below. Or, if you found another SIM in Singapore offering better value. Your feedback will help us all.

Thank you for reading.

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