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Jurong Lake Gardens, Singapore: Timings, Entry Fee, And How To get There

Jurong Lake Gardens offer green spaces and several activities for the whole family.

Jurong Lake Gardens is one of the best free attractions in Singapore, and it is well-connected by MRT. At the time of writing this article, both Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden, the two prominent gardens of Jurong Lake Gardens, were closed for redevelopment. However, the Lakeside Garden was open.

The Lake at Jurong Lake Gardens, Singapore
The Lake at Jurong Lake Gardens, Singapore

The Lakeside Garden, and the Chinese-Japanese garden duo when open, can be a worthy option for tourists who are looking to visit a green space in Singapore but do not have time for Botanic Gardens.

Garden Trails

Rasau Walk

Rasau Walk in Jurong Lake Gardens Singapore
Rasau Walk in Jurong Lake Gardens Singapore

If you are looking to have an urban-style walk while nature walks along with you, you may choose the Rasau Walk, a 300-meter boardwalk along the edge of Jurong lake. It is a fresh water swamp where you get to see many specimens of plants, trees, and birds.

Logs Trail

Logs Trail at Jurong Lake Gardens, Singapore
Logs Trail at Jurong Lake Gardens, Singapore

In this trail, logs made from materials recycled from rain trees have been used to form a series of adventurous paths. You can observe the parts that make up a tree, including the protective bark, sapwood, heartwood, and growth rings that form the wood grain.

Banyan Trail

There is also the strenuous 3.30 km walk, called Banyan Trail, in which you get to see grasslands, streams, and other features of the gardens in addition to Rasau Walk and the Logs trail.

There are several attractions for children too, such as Forest Ramble (play garden) and Clusia Cove (play pool), which make the gardens a fun place for the whole family.

Opening Hours and Entry Fee

The attraction is open 24/7 and entry is free; however, some activities are available during limited hours and may attract charges.

How To get There

The gardens can be reached via MRT’s Lakeside station (East-West line).

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