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Best Indian SIM Card For International Roaming

Jio Postpaid Plan is the best Indian SIM plan for international travelers.

If you are planning to travel abroad from India, this is one idea that can reduce the overall cost of the trip for you. How about paying just ₹2 per minute for all your outgoing or incoming phone calls while traveling in another country? Yes, it is possible, and I have been doing it ever since Jio launched their postpaid service.

I traveled to Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand in a single trip, and everywhere, I paid ₹2 per minute for all incoming calls, whether from India or anywhere else, ₹2 per minute for outgoing local calls or to any number in India, and Rs. 2 per minute for any outgoing text message. On top of that, incoming text messages were all free. However, if I chose to call an international phone other than the country I was in, the cost was ₹100 per minute. And, of course, all these charges attracted normal GST (18%).

Standard PayGo Rates

These rates are called Standard PayGo Rates, and a country-wise list is available on this link. The rates, as well as this link, are liable to change and if you can’t find the resource on this link, kindly write a comment below, and I will update the link.

If you have a Jio Postpaid Plan, you don’t have to pay anything extra or take any subscription to enjoy these low international roaming rates. Here are the details of the Jio Postpaid Plan:

Jio Postpaid

The basic Jio Postpaid Plan costs ₹199 + GST per month, and comes with 25 GB of domestic data, free unlimited incoming and outgoing domestic calls, and free text messages. In addition, you get to enjoy international roaming at low rates. Not to mention, all your near and dear ones, business associates, and spam callers can reach you on your Indian number while you roam the world.

Disable Data Roaming

One note of caution, when traveling abroad even with a Jio Postpaid Plan, make sure to disable data roaming in your phone’s settings. If you don’t, the cost of this one mistake can be massive.

I love this plan. Even if I can’t use all the free 25 GB data every month, Jio SIM offers great value for my international travel needs. I am sure you will like it too.

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